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HEY FELLAS, my new compilation is finally out. I really think that this one is my best compilation so far. I hope you feel the same way as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TalesofUlysses says:

We reached 5 MILLION views people!!!!!!!! This is awesome. I never thought that one of my compilation will get soooooooooo many views, if this goes on, then the chances of this video becoming the most viewed slow blues compilation on Youtube, are very high. So for one more time i want to thank all of you who watched this video and helped it get to where it is today and especially a big thanks to the people who took some of their time to share, comment and like it!!!! Also to show my appreciation i had an idea. I want to create the ultimate viewer's compilation. So what i want from all of you is to tell me, as a reply to this comment, which is your favourite slow blues song. As soon as i get enough songs i will make a compilation using your suggestions. Just keep in mind that i need only one song from each and everyone of you, so that more people have the chance to be a part of this.

kenia mendoza says:

Way better this then the music now in days! Love it! Keep it up for more! 😉

Fhër Zamudio says:

Wow!! Excelente compilación!!!

Myat Htoo says:

thxx this a real blues slow burners… thxx dude

Dylan DeVille says:

Just so beautiful… brings happiness to the soul. Love the blues through and through.

orna edri says:

I love listening this playlist. Such a graet songs!

LIGO says:

Damn!!!! that there is some real good shit!!! Ohh yea! Great Job TalesofUlysses, damn good job !! WWOOOOWWWWWWW Lordy!

Josue Carlos Dos Santos says:

Blues and Bossa Nova are the emotion and inspiration song to whole life

Dragos Costiuc says:

Asa muzica nu se poate uita

Chris Dunn says:

Blues personified

Emory Terry says:

Born in 52 thus the Mustc I do.

Iv Fleur says:

Wonderful choice! I enjoy in it! Bravo

Eves Garden says:

This is a very sexy compilation you have there …love it thanks for sharing

Thomas Andre says:

amazing, thank you

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