Simply Thai, Teddington – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay visits Simply Thai in Teddington to see if it’s a contender for The F Word Best Local Thai Restaurant.

Season 5 of The F Word. A bold, modern and mischievous take on the world of food combines location VTs, kitchen actuality, celebrity interviews, stunts and recipe based challenges to give the format its trademark energy, pace and visual richness and create waves in the food world and beyond.


Burntility says:

Where is the prawn??!!???
Where is the lamb??!??????

musicalman1995 says:

Nothing good or healthy having that temperament. What a sad and lonely life.

Michabel Polki says:

it's a tiresome job if u have a restaurant

Bb bear says:

She is terible…

MS Melissa Sukniyom says:

I'm hai too!

Anikah Rabbani says:

'sleeping just five hours a night' is that supposed to be remarkable? i sleep just as long and im only a student

Szminsky says:

She needs to get laid, badly!

Bumblybee256 says:

This is about her COOKING, not what you think of her as a person

Simply Build And Roofing says:

I love the Thai in The Prince Albert Twickenham.

Chr Rng says:

she just want to be like Ramsay tht why she's always barking. And the food she cooked is not the real Thai food. Nobody wanna stay with her that why she has no son or cousin. The reason why she left Thailand because of her manner, respect, and how she polite. In Thai if there're people like her, lot of people gonna ignore all her shit food. btw im Thai and fuck you old women shit

Donovan Osterreicher says:

I worked at an award winning Thai food place, and the chef there makes this chef look so nice and cheery 🙂 as a sous chef and prep cook, I got my share of telling offs and getting yelled at, but it's all in a days work, you shake it off because seeing the customers enjoy the food and knowing you helped is a good feeling

Moo Moo says:

แก่แล้ว สงบอารมณ์ ปล่อยวางบ้างนะป้า. ล้มลงไปคนอื่นเค้าเดือดร้อน เป็นตัวอย่างที่ดีให้กับเด็กรุ่นหลัง เลิกตะคอกได้แล้ว พูดจากันดีๆก็ได้ คนเหมือนกัน อาหารจะอร่อยเกิดจากคนทำด้วยนะป้า คนทำอาหารจิตใจดีส่งผลถึงอาหารที่ทำด้วยนะ

Kathy P. says:

Why some comments have to argue about Head Chef emotion in the kitchen. She need the best, so everyone who work with her need to be the best. The food issue in America is not only you serve the food to customers but the need more than that like she said "Passion". I respect her as a Thai Chef.

My Jurny says:

Awesome. Gordon is the man

Alex Bliss says:

0:43 assholery confirmed

Sorry, but there is no call for that sort of behaviour, even for a chef.

Daniel vera says:

where is the prawn sause!?

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