She Hooked Me Up! + Speaking Thai… A Little. Koh Samui, Thailand VLOG

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I travel to Koh Samui in order to hang out with my parents for a few days and as an added bonus I get to escape the smokey season in Chiang Mai. My room was not ready when I arrived but the nice hotel staff hooked me up with a nice surprise to say sorry for having to wait for the room. There is a scene where I am speaking Thai with the van driver as well which I hope you enjoy, maybe you can learn to speak Thai a little bit by watching!

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กระต๊อบ เมืองเลย says:

Hallo ติดตามแล้วค่า ฝากช่องด้วยค่า

Chris84Redfield says:

I lived in Thailand for 1 year and married a Thai girl but I couldn’t stay far from my home, my country, my family and my beautiful car for 1 more day, I’m Italian and I think despite all the problems, Italy is the best country where to live, I almost got arrested in Thailand because I’m used to live in Europe where you can do and say whatever you want, if I wanna get publicly drunk I can, if I wanna insult the Italian government or the Pope I can do it, rules aren’t for me, I better stay in Europe if I don’t wanna get in serious troubles, lol.!!

Difen Crosby says:

I’m in Korat.

Life Style says:

You so lovely when speak Thai..

Curious Bob says:

Wish I could join you and escape the junk in the air here in CM. Guess I will have to put up with it till Songkran gets here and we start getting some rain.

sk8guitardrums says:

Cool beans Jason that you meet up with your parents, i guess that's the first time they have been to Thailand?
your really good at speaking Thai language now.
Can't beet some of that nice sunshine, beach, swimming, good food and atmosphere. and yeah plenty of sunscreen, i was in Koh Lanta last March and got burnt bad just from swimming as i thought i was cool in the water but apparently the salt water has an even bigger effect, and yes i plastered myself with sunscreen before i went in the water, but i think you have to re-apply every hour.

John Smith says:

Interesting about the humidity difference.

How noticeable is the difference in heat/humidity between Bangkok and Chiang Mai?

John Smith says:

Damn. You're not meant to acknowledge mistakes in Thailand. Saving face always comes first.

Jon's Conscious Life says:

Just found your channel. Vegan runner here. Cheers man.

Doug Mo says:

Great video Bro , Peace

Mali Wichachan says:

Great video and awesome vlogger

Thanida Skye says:

Loved this! Keep the vlogs coming Jay! 👌🏻

Vegenerate says:

I went to that restaurant at Vikasa yoga and met a really interesting French psychiatrist who was also eating on his own, so he joined me at my table. Such a nice vibe. Quite pricey thought eh? lol

Andrew Lloyd says:

Phom pood-pa-sa-thai-nid-noi na krub.
Great video, choke-dii-na-krub.
Good luck mate.

Matt Graham says:

Really loved the editing and music Jason. Great vid

Nicole Schweitzer says:

What hotel is that in Koh Samui? Looks beautiful!!

motox19494 says:

Are your parents vegan?

Shawn Does says:


Walter Casagrande says:

Yesss…the right speed! THX

el samurai guapo says:

Did she give the massage tho?

Bangkok Bound says:

Awesome video!

Colin M says:

Nice one. We stayed there at the Sheraton last year.

Mr Bicycle says:

Looking good. .
Can't wait myself to leave Khon kaen for the Coast!

Sergey Storm says:

I want more! :). I so miss Thailand!

C J fitzgerald says:

I really like this video

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