Sexiest hotel in Pattaya – Adult themed!!!

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Sexiest hotel in Pattaya – The Adult themed Penthouse Hotel

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The Penthouse is the number 1 adult themed hotel in Pattaya, and is famous all over the world. I stayed for a few nights in early October 2017 and this is a video documenting the hotel and some of the unique features you get in the rooms.

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Intro, including map of the location
0:24 ‘Pattaya’ room, 32 sq m. Features include: Mirrored ceiling, stripper pole, mood lighting, handle bar on the headboard, raised bed with space underneath, TV with 24 hr channel showing dirty movies, extensive condom selection. Features available in more expensive rooms include jacuzzi’s and even sex swings.
5:45 Bathroom check
8:14 Indoor pool, outdoor pool not shown in this video
9:02 Labyrinth-like corridors
9:54 Outside the hotel
10:42 The room in the cold light of day
11:45 Outro

Additional notes:

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The good, the bad and the ugly:

Good things:
– Clean room
– Unique adult features in the room
– Guest friendly policy allowing 2 ladies for free
– Excellent Location, close to Beach Road and Walking Street
– 24 hr room service
– 2 swimming pools

The bad
– Ageing hotel, it does show in a few places
– Kitten Club and Obsessions bars attached were closed when I visited in the low season, they ‘should’ be open November 2017 onwards
– Agoda not the cheapest. I paid 1932 baht for my room and was surprised to see that paying by cash direct would have gotten a cheaper rate. Walk ins get the best rates but can’t be pre-booked so maybe book 1 or 2 nights through an agency then extend your stay directly if you like the hotel.

The Ugly:
– Mood lighting only in the bedroom, can get distracting. Would be nice to have normal lights as an option

Overall: I liked the Penthouse hotel, it certainly was a memorable place to stay. If you are considering staying then I’d recommend booking a night or 2 online, seeing if you like it and then extending your stay directly (as it is usually cheaper) or moving elsewhere.

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1st song:
Heart Break – Vibe Tracks
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2nd song:
SEXY – Bensound

3rd song
Bet on It – Silent Partner
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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

Letrice Warren says:

This place looks perfect for perverts!!😈

Adrian Morton says:

11:35 sounds like fun

snakepel says:

where is the girl?

Marc Bryant says:

Wow was that a phone! Talk about luxury

Shaky Traveler says:

My favorite place to stay.

Hornyhull Hull says:

Great vlog. Might give it a bash in January. Cheers.

Joe Lopez says:

Aww yeaaa 😎💦

chico che says:

Beautiful huose

ramon castillo says:

Nice place to bring 2 o more girls for one night in be like at king

power20841 says:

5:42 you can hear moaning from the TV !!

MsSerialKilla420 says:

The raised bed:
to look like a "floating bed"
It just adds an extra cool factor to the room.

I mean unless you really want to handcuff someone underneath the bed…

Daniel K. says:

Like a labyrinth you say? Perfect spot to play hide and fuck.

Joseph Beram says:

That's hilarious. I would be embarrassed to say that was my room. Way too "pervy" dude.

Simon Cook says:

Stayed there loads of times.Great memories

Jack Troyer says:

. พัทยารับตัวใครครับ . . .

netspectre101 says:

Pringles? Hell yes, sign me up. LMAO

Shoky Rocks says:

I just liked to hear the music or trans… can u tel me which song it is from ??

FalconBoxe says:

Just imagine the gallion of cum those rooms have seen.
Walls, floor even ceiling must have been hit.

Bo Christiansen says:

A study in bad taste 😝😝

SammyHoliday says:

5:35 you should have brought an UV light

xc37b says:

Rented a room once when a party in the LB bar downstairs got out of hand. We really had a great time. They did "movie" shots in the next room and we had a chance to watch the creative work.

The place is ok for short time (if money does not matter), but I would not stay longer unless they do a renovation.

But nice video, anyway. Thx for the memories.

Jan Olovsson says:

This is to bad to zhow anyone. Not so good for me or any other person.

Alex Nikoo says:

How cool is that room, I will get my GF for one night there

stas nevagno says:

Отель есть а девочки в купальнике нет ? дизлайк !

Black Tiger says:

A little to much for me! I'm a simple guy!

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