Sex Tourist Express to Pattaya – very cheap!!!

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Sex Tourist Express Bus, Bangkok to Pattaya – very cheap!!!


A video where I took the cheap bus (108 baht) from central Bangkok to Pattaya. I first had a coffee and muffin at Coffee Club, Ekkamai where I killed some time waiting for the bus. I took a 40 baht mototaxi from Pattaya bus station to Pattaya Red Planet hotel.

From central Bangkok the cheap bus is what I nearly always use to get to Pattaya. It used to be called the ‘sex tourist express’ because it was predominantly older white men who were the customers, now a multitude of demographics take it.

You catch it from Ekkamai bus station in Bangkok and can use the skytrain to get there.

The buses leave every 30 or 40 mins depending on how busy they are and the journey takes 2-3 hours depending on the traffic.

The cost is 108 baht per person (the price varies due to competition). An older video I made of the same journey showing the bus station, ticket buying process etc…

Locations in this video (all are on the free bangkok112 guides):

Coffee Club, Ekkamai
Ekkamai Bus Station
Pattaya Bus Station
Red Planet Hotel
Sabai Room Soapy Massage

The free interactive guides:

Bangkok Guide:
Pattaya Guide:
Patong Guide:

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A real hero – college (acoustic instrumental cover)

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Jess Connelly says:


Benjamin Ha says:

Lon me bon may dung co xao lon ok bot lao lon di ok

crack61616 says:

now i want a soapy massage!!!DAMN!!Girl,come here!!!!:)

chris price says:

I traveled the Bangkok-Pattaya bus a lot. Make sure you have the exact money in your hand before boarding, or the conductor might keep your money and not give you your change, then pretend he doesn't understand your English objections.


Owsome videography

J says:

Pattaya is a shit hole!!!

Gregory Fortner says:

Anything is better than starbucks.

Rollins Northeast Rider says:

Is thailand a land oh hills or is it plainn

MrBananadrunk says:

Taking this bus you have saved enough money for two short time session with whan of those battle hardend axes found on beach road.

haji sajid says:

Very beautiful video l like city

Topan Alfa says:

What's the cheapest hotel in patayya nearby? And how much does it cost?

calvin neoh says:

I really like you video….make me feel like I walk around Thailand. ……I so near Thailand but never got time visit Thai. .haha….I from malaysia.perak …..nightlife in Malaysia suck

billy y says:

80 baht for a muffin and a 2-3 hr bus trip cost 108 baht? ! …….# crazy !

Roe Rae says:

How much for that soapy massage?

Desy Restu says:

cheap…..Because expired….hahahah….

BoubbieVagee says:


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