Secret Beaches in Phuket

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What a great time in Phuket! I hope you enjoy the video, leave me a comment what you think 🙂 🙂 🙂

Special thanks to SriPanwa Resort & Andara Resort!

Thanks for the amazing tracks.
1st track:
Singularity – Rift feat. Jenn Lucas (Kasbo Remix)
2nd track:
Diplo – Revolution (Nehzuil Remix)


Wenturi says:

There are literally ZERO secret beaches in this vid.

Steve Klimentos says:

Well done and nice scenery

Karen Caporale says:

Cool video, love your photography! You have a wonderful eye! Clearly too you are lucky in love. Title doesn't fit for me though. Thinking perhaps more about "Romance in Phuket" than beaches? Music meshes beautifully, super tracks!

AdamUPNow says:

You're using a wide angle lens attachment, aren't you.

Daniel Caspi says:

Amazing! Well done on the edit man =)

Julia Bottega says:

I love your videos!

Mariam Ahmad says:

awesome ! keep moving ❤ i will always watch ur videos. 👍👍

M1kis Stunt says:

good video !

Zahraa Nesser says:

beautiful as usual 😍 what's the resort called ?

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