Second road Pattaya Thailand. Walk along

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In this video you will see walk along Second road from Walking Street to Central Pattaya road.

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Entertainment for every taste. Many beerbars gogo restaurants and massage parlors.
What’s going on Pattaya now
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Les Sellers says:

Fucking. Good

Sandeep Kalyan says:

Do you hv videos on hotel rooms which r cheap and best

Sandeep Kalyan says:

Danmm you walked a lot.very nice video..keep posting

Flaming Stag says:

imagine if everyone changed over to EV bikes & cars …..

tume cherche ouquoi says:

why did not you give money to the girl and her child on the street at 10 minutes?
kind of asshole, you did not see what needed money !! !

Mark Williams says:

That looks like a new wheelchair guy at 16:30……with a better wheelchair…..and no P*ss & Sh*t bag……..

Ken Boon says:

Any body know anywhere in Pattaya where you can buy football shirts ( copy's ) that are decent copies ?

chandler bing bong says:

18:25 Rip-Off beer bar on the left. Try to overcharge Mr Customer.

EvilSecondTwin says:

Great video!

yayotg jvj says:

Good video thank you! Second road goes to soi 6 too right 🙂

James W says:

Walk alongs are great, always takes u back when u not there live.

Brummie Brink says:

great video, like your videos. good work

Patodee says:

Excellent video.. Keep them coming. Your walkalong movies ae very informative. Will there be a part 2 ???
Thanks for your work

MSBworks says:

Thanks, it's was nice to remember cross it.

vivek Joseph says:

Nice work ……… 🙂

רפי א says:

nice….tanks for the video

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