Scams Of Bangkok & Pattaya In Hindi For indians part # 1 [MUST WATCH]

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In our video scams in Bangkok Common scams & how to avoid them we show you the 5 most common scams in Thailand and the best ways to avoid them. I’ve been traveling in Thailand for the last 2 yrs and nearly all my experiences have been positive. Thailand is a beautiful and amazing country. If you stay on the right side of the law and use common sense in can be very safe. The intention of this video isn’t to scare tourists away. It is to educate them about common scams conducted by a small amount of unscrupulous people.

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D M says:

Bhai mumbai airoprt pe india ke 2000 me…. Sirf 740 thai baht dete ase q bhai kha sasta girega achi rate milegi batao

prathamesh kokaje says:

Indetailed personal experiences. 👌 Hats off

Rohan Deori says:

Hello brother Cambodia ke bare mai v bholi a

Norbu Tshering says:

Thanks bro this is really true store I went to BKk 7 times I saw so many girls like that


plz speak loud… I can't hear u

Pronab Dey says:

Good Video sir.Thank u

Santosh Raut says:

thank you bro…

Sanjay Kumar says:

Mast bolte ho bhai super like

Rajinder gill says:

good job …….

Thien xox says:

What about all the Indian telemarketing bullshit phone call scams..

Kritika recording studio Neeraj R says:

lazwab advice

Ajay Gupta says:

Bahut sahi jankari di hai bhai apne…Har bangkok jane wale ke liye … Thanks

himanshu kumar says:

Sacm v ache lagta h kya … acha lage ga

argha ray says:

Ladkiya kitne charge karti hai

Ram Raj says:

All is fake speak Thiland is good and pattya not bad all is good

Ishal Legend says:

Pakistani girls is most beautiful in whole world

Samuel Goldman says:

Shashi kapoor, zindagui zindgua Gourouu guru

A. K. says:

Girls = scams

Kala Khan says:

شرما بھائی یہ بتائیے کہ بنکاک یا پتایا میں صاف اوستھری اور کم ریٹ میں گرلز کہاں اور کن ہوٹلز میں ملینگی

Jhony Bravo says:

Endians are big scammers….this video is for scammers????lol

music mighty gill says:

Last scam tu buht purana chla a rha hai Agr is scam se bachne ka koi tarika hota tu badshao ko apni badshaht na gwani padti

Cho chet Hayab says:

I dont understand What u say

ankit agrawal says:

Thanks for given me this information i m going to Bangkok after this month so I will remember ur notes…thanks a lot

Mahummad Munir Dojki says:

I spend very much time in all over thailand regarding business specially from end of 1984 to 1993 but i havn' t seen things like this but now i think it is happening there

piyush kumar says:

Good information

Atul Agarwal says:

good yaar…

Rohan Palkar says:

Send me ur WATS Up number

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