Samui Elephant Sanctuary A New Elephant Sanctuary of Thailand

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If you are an elephant lover and want to have an experience with elephants on Koh Samui Island, you now have a choice. Samui Elephant Sanctuary is a project where you can see elephants in an ethical way. There is no riding and no show at this place . More details about the project here :


Shorba Frik says:

Thank you so much for your very good work, thank you so much

Mary Gingg says:

Thank you so very much for what you doing to help the elephants. They deserve it!!

Paul says:

I can't wait to visit in September. I'm so happy for the elephants.

CaptainDashund says:

they look so happy <3

Toni Johnson says:

Thank you so much for what you do and trying to do.

Rachel E. Alexander says:

Beautiful! God bless all those involved in helping them ❤

kecola says:

"I will have roofing for the elephants so they can sleep at night."

That just melts my heart 💓 Such a sweet and caring man!

Melanie Kotze says:

God will bless you

Becky Ryder says:

What a lovely man! I hope one day you find your land

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