Sala Phuket Thailand Resort and Spa – where to stay in Phuket. Our hotel walkthrough

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Mrs Romance and I explore the beautiful Sala Phuket in search of the ultimate romantic escape here in Thailand. Sala is a very private and very romantic spot. It’s amazingly styled and high on the luxe scale.
Our video walks through some of the room types and the grounds to give you an idea of what to expect from this pocket of paradise.
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Where to stay in Phuket for romance – Sala Resort and Spa

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Truth Sayer says:

So a couple can bath naked outdoor in this private villa ?
Is it safe ?

Abdallah Billali says:

looks nice, is there a small Kitchener in the villa?

Fajer Alammadi says:

Great informative video! Thanks for showing us all kinds of rooms available!

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