Sabeinglae Restaurant (เสบียงเล) and Hin Ta Hin Yai: Koh Samui Day 4

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Day 4 in Koh Samui, we stayed at Lazy Days Samui Beach Resort, just down the beach from Lamai and only a 5 minute walk from Hin Ta Hin Ya, the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks. After waking up and having breakfast, I had some work I needed to get done, so we sat in the room for a while and did some work until leaving at about 10 am to go to Hin Ta Hin Yai (หินตาหินยาย), which is one of the most famous landmarks and attractions in Koh Samui.

Since we were staying on the other side of Hin Ta Hin Yai (หินตาหินยาย) from the main entrance, we came kind of the back way, up the side of the beach and had to do a little rock climbing to the viewpoint. It was pretty obvious to see where Hin Ta Hin Yai (หินตาหินยาย), the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks were located. I thought Grandfather rock looked like it, but Grandmother rock was like any other rock in the world. Anyway, it’s one of the most famous viewpoints in Koh Samui, and it’s often included in all the tours of the island. I think it was worth a quick visit. After Hin Ta Hin Yai (หินตาหินยาย), we took a walk over to Lamai beach and walked along the ocean. I think the ocean at Lamai beach was better than at our hotel, which was just one rock beyond Lamai.

For lunch we headed over to Sabeinglae Restaurant (เสบียงเล), one of the most famous restaurants in Koh Samui for seafood and for Samui speciality dishes. It’s a nicer end restaurant, not a street food restaurant, but after yesterday’s bad meal, I was ready to eat a delicious meal. Most of the menu was in both Thai and English, but I noticed that there were a few items that were only listed in Thai – maybe they thought only Thais would enjoy them? Anyway, we ordered some of the speciality foods at Sabeinglae Restaurant (เสบียงเล). Wai khua (วายคั่ว), squid in coconut milk, which was not really a curry, but more of a just a thick coconut gravy, was one of my favorite dishes of our meal – the squid was so incredibly tender and the sauce was extremely buttery. Another special dish at is Sabeinglae Restaurant (เสบียงเล) moo khua koy (หมูคั่วเคย), pork stir fried with shrimp paste – krill shrimp paste. I didn’t care for it, it was way too sweet – it almost tasted like pork fried with applesauce. Finally, I just couldn’t resist ordering a red snapper steamed with lime juice, chilies and and garlic (ปลาแดงนึ่งมะนาว). The fish was fresh, and it was excellent.

Overall, the food at Sabeinglae Restaurant (เสบียงเล) was pretty good. I didn’t care for the pork dish, but the seafoods dishes were all quite good. It was a little expensive, but it was our splurge meal for our trip to Koh Samui. For dinner that night, we just had a simple meal at a restaurant down the road from our hotel.

Sabeinglae Restaurant (เสบียงเล) is located right next to Hin Ta Hin Yai in Koh Samui.

ที่อยู่ ถนนสาย 4169 (หาดละไม ใกล้หินตาหินยาย) เทศบาลนครเกาะสมุย , เกาะสมุย , สุราษฎร์ธานี 84310
เปิดทุกวัน 10.00 – 22.00 น.
โทร. 077-233-082, 077-233-083

That completes Day 4 of our short trip to Koh Samui.


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sean1k2 says:

Went to Sabeinglae last night and had the Yam Sabeinglae, Was Khua and Played kampong dang nouns mango and they were also amazing! Had to spend 1000THB minimum to use my Visa to pay so ordered a few of the basic items like Pad Thai which were also not so bad. But the dishes Mark had were so good. My wife officially said it was the best meal she ever had in her entire life haha, Thanks Mark! 🙂

Elise Hantz says:

Mark, I don't think you own a small spoon. Lol. My family teases me about using a big spoon, tablespoon.

Nandini Rajiah says:

Mark ur videos r really good…. Before I use to nt like ur videos….bt nw u r fab…. Ur wife is very sweet n quite beautiful.

Michael Rohr says:

Great Video, been to Koh Samui. I just wonder that you re not seriously overweight.

Aayu Pyakuryal says:

Hey Mark Wiens, Next Friday me and my family are travelling to koh samui, phuket and krabi. Thank you so much for uploading this video. Because of you, I know a lot of things of Koh Samui. Whop you will reply me.

Alan says:

Thank you for the tip on the steamed white snapper in lime juice (unfortunately they were sold out of red snapper) and the squid coconut curry. My fiancee and I hit that restaurant up today on Samui and was incredible! Best meal in Thailand for us so far.

Christian Kramer says:

brain coral not rock

unebonnevie says:

That grandparent rock looks like HUGE penis!

Greg Austin says:

That fish dish though !!!!!!!!!!!
Damn that is a dish to travel for !!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockingblue Lala says:

please stop making those faces. it is really obnoxious like miley Cyrus sticking out her tongue. other than that and the fact that you kill so many poor animals, which are why I I do not subscribe, the videos are professional and first rate.

marisa says:

Hahaha what a ROCK a hard Rock too

marisa says:

It does look like a P

416 rem says:

Expensive? Mark you need to come to Wyoming, USA. Then you will know expense. LOL

Ayesha Waqas says:

Mark and Ying are wonderful people and all they veido I love to watch keep up the good veidos Mark and Ying

Melona Olano says:

i'm drooling while watching u eating….

thomas thompson sunshinescopes says:

i think that might have been brain coral mark on the beach

Marisol Flores Cantu says:

let's hear from your wife

crunchy 888 says:

Im going through all your videos and I cannot wait to go Thailand to try all these different dishes!

Cousins says:

WHY !!! WHY CANT I BE THERE WITH YOU!!!?!?!…Haven't been to Thailand in years, but if you like flavorful spicy foods, THAILAND IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!..ughhhhhh …next year, ill go for sure next year!!!

Alok Sharma says:

Hey Mark I am your big fan…The way you eat food and express is amazing…Every time I watch your video i go out side and I eat some similar kinda food…

Please call me if you ever come to India. ..


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