Russian Girls on Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand 2018 LATEST Updates

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Mik t says:

can you barfine russians?

Andrew Sekay says:

Welcome to the rip off capital pattaya if they dont rip you off they rob you if they dont rob you they Kill you these Women are Smarter then you think

Christer Stefansson says:

How does these Maniana mentalety Russians get a working permit in Thailand in the first place ? Was there once at that gogo were they are dansing behind a glasbalkony .. NEVER AGAIN !!! Not even if the drinks are free. GO HOME TO RUSSIA TODAY YOU ARROGANT UGGLY MOTHERFUCKERS. YOU ARE NOT THAI !!!

x Andy says:

7:43 haha, that flirting

Wail fmh11 says:

Every video from Gabe is an adventure worth seeing love your videos Gabe and Pattaya seems like a beautiful place your lucky to be there and see it with your eyes great video Gabe 👍🏻🙂

Thai Butterfly says:

great channel . what do you use to film ? hidden cam?

510MyTube says:

love your videos….keep it up. those prices are outrageous.

Gareth Harper says:

A lot of the girls go to club califee (Not sure if I spelt it right) after about 3 am no barfine then and about 2000bhat lt

Brummie Brink says:

Very good video Food Travel 101


The thing I don't understand is, I thought you had to have 4 Thai workers for every 1 foreign employee of a business. So where are all of the Thai's at?

Gregory Fortner says:

I want some Russian pussy.

P S says:

Loving ur content man..
Russians in Thailand? No thanks!

CyPsyShyGuy says:

videos getting on par with bangkok112. Do you live in thailand?

fashiontv2010 says:

The business model is for Japanese high-rollers- they have big money to burn and maybe this is the only time in their life they're gonna bang a white woman or have one sit on their lap in a thong, 'oh her amazing fat thighs', who knows how they'll re-tell the story (most of the 'Russian' women on Walking Street I wouldn't term fat but a few in Galaxy I saw had fat thighs, some slender as in this video). In places that cater to the Japanese the Thai girls are all unhappy and mean, so the Russian attitudes here fit.

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