Royal Cliff Grand Hotel Tour ~ Pattaya, Thailand

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luffebassen says:

How do all of u fools feel now?? Dont u feel fucking stupid for taking part in this obvious scam?? How many friends and family members did u scam on your way?? Fucking clowns

Norberto Figueroa says:

Love it. Crypto has given many without a hope an opportunity to change their life for the better. Long live crypto.


Beautiful Place Crypto waiting to hear more….

Craig Grant says:

elegant architecture

Craig Grant says:

the alchemist.. hmm

Craig Grant says:

great editing

CryptoCam Channel says:

Very nice hotel and room..looking forward to the conference…cheers!

Crypto Andrew1257 says:

I’m trying join your Facebook group my name is Andrew alvis

stanley gatia says:

Awesome !!! Long live bitconnect !

Braner Jones says:

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us, I look forward to all your video. So glad to see you so devoted to Bitconnect, it makes all of us feels good about ours decision to invest in the platform. I do believe that Bitconnect will make many people dreams come true. I am a real estate investor and have worked very hard to keep all my rentals running. Bitconnect is a great opportunity for me to make my money work harder for me. At 54 I am ready to enjoy life, thanks to Bitconnect its now possible. Thank you Clover for all the fantastic videos !!!!!!!!!

Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique says:

Nice hotlel


great place.


CryptoPhil79 says:

Have a great time

Carl Botefuhr says:

Thanks for the tour. Film maker's suggestion: when you pan, do it much slower than you feel necessary. Keep shooting!
Oh, and that favorite book? Staying on the Path, by Dr Wayne Dyer. Do I win BTC now?

ryanblue7s says:

Sweet! place looks amazing! Glad you did not fall off the balcony

Robert Watson says:

That's impressively awesome; think I'd only opt for a glass wall in the bathroom if I was traveling with a herd of super models.

Bigmacbook says:

how do you hold the camera so steady hahah

Crypto Crazy says:

Nice video enjoy!! Let's do it Bitconnect….

anderberg32 says:

I wish I was there for the conference. I am jealous! Thanks for all the great Bitconnect content!

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