ROCK BAR KOH SAMUI – Official Video 2013 – With Thai Reggae Music

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samuijule says:

Ach wie klasse………… 

Almabrok bn hsan says:
AwesomeCrabman says:

I AM COMING AT 01.11.2013 !!!!!!!!!!

Young Yanni says:

One of the best places I’ve been so far Thank you so much guys Great

bossnigga123 says:

best place coconut smoke chill 😉

Capa44 says:

Hayaman, please, what’s the name of that group and song? 🙂 Jah bless!

bossnigga123 says:

its in lamai , exactly hinta hinyai or how its called^^

Derek Baird says:

I have been coming to lamai for the last 5 years & never been to the Rock I will be Back 11 feb 14 I will come check it out…..GREAT

Zoka Vujano says:

rock bars, we’ll see you in 5 weeks!!!……can not wait….Time passes too

didi thai says:

job2do – doo doo doo

bob smith says:

love koh samui. been there and done that. band is called job2do . was


how far is it from Chaweng beach… and is it difficult to get there by

Skalmans750 says:

Love that place… soon the russians will find it, then its lost.

GamerLostTheGame says:

The lizard that the man got tattooed on his arm represents finding true
love… Normally it would be on the right hand side of the neck though.

Chatta Phoyen says:

ร้านนี้เค้า เมาจริง

fafieu says:

thanks, anyone know the title of the song “love love love love..” played at
the rock bar?

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