Road Trip to Pattaya (The Highway to Hell) Bangkok Pattaya Thailand

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Vlog # 20
Road Trip to Pattaya (The Highway to Hell)
The first part of my 2015 Thailand trip was over. I was leaving Bangkok and going to Pattaya for a few days. So after getting a cab it was off to Pattaya. A journey I have done before by cab so thought I would film some of the trip.
At first all seemed normal, the driver was happy and after a fuel stop we were making good progress. The standard of driving in Thailand from the other motorists was normal for Thailand. Which means bad for the rest of the world!
But soon after the fuel stop his whole demeanor seemed to change. He started so sag down in his seat and started mumbling to himself. He would turn the radio up and the air conditioning down.
At first I thought strange but oh well, let’s get there to Pattaya. As we carried on he pulled into a service area. He was so lazy that because there wasn’t a parking space outside the shop he wanted he drove off again. After that things got worse, the driving became more erratic. He would slow down in whatever lane we were in at the time, his head would drop, he would then shake his legs, stamp his left foot, talk to himself then speed up again. Now at first I was getting really concerned. It looked like he was getting tired. I couldn’t see his eyes as he wore thick wrap round style sun glasses.
But I didn’t want to stop him as what could I do stuck on the side of a motorway in Pattaya ? I kept an eye on him and would give him a nudge every now and then.
It was a good job the motor way has toll booths as this provided some respite for him for a few seconds. We did stop at one point for drinks so this gave a chance to relax for a few mins and get out of the car. At one point we were nearly rammed by a coach in the fast lane as the driver slowed again to 40mph.
When the signs started coming up for Pattaya it was such a relief that we would be off the motorway. If anything happened now at least the speeds would be lower and I could get to my hotel without him. Once I was in my hotel room the thought came to me that perhaps this driver had been working all night and still took on the job of driving down to Pattaya. Who knows if he made it back to Bangkok without crashing?
So what started out as a normal journey nearly ended up being the Highway to Hell.


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Pattaya Pixel Counter says:

Geoff Carter stole your taxi music for his new intro! 😂

Tonys Travels says:

good video, thanks for sharing.

danny collingwood says:

I have also booked Inn house soi 13/1..Fantastic video..Are taxi drivers aware of Inn house ?What is the nearest landmark to this place?

Cardan Betha says:

this video is awsome, love the whole thing. makes me feel like im going there. ill be back in april. unfortunately ill be arriving at night taking nam taxi but nam is really sweet l;ady and likes to talk

patnya bangkok says:

pity the real journey took longer than this video, or was that the driver that made it feel longer 555.

TheHouseof5 says:

So glad you made it to your hotel unharmed

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