Revisit Pattaya Hotels Blue Heeler, Harry’s, Hole In One, The Links and

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Today I revisited 4 Pattaya Hotels and talked with the friendly staff that made these videos very popular. These are all located in Central Pattaya, the prices may have gone up since I visited last because of high season coming up and high customer demand.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

__天使__ __ドミトリー__ says:

4:18 Nice girl…

Paulo Mendes says:

Good morning, which hotel would this woman appear at the beginning of the green shirt?

Sean Clinnin says:

why do you talk to the locals like your trying to speak Spanglish…boring vids and ya sound cheap….BUT nice places for $20?

plmoknty says:

Bom bom is the only word you need to know

rocco197692 says:

Very nice video charlie 😊😊👍👍

wayne thompson says:

haha you got bombarded by the blonde freelancer in harrys, she have about 7 boyfriends send her money,she has a car a motorbike the lot,pus she a litt big take a look at the chunky leggs

colin smith says:

Hey Charlie, when you are just being yourself you're a weapon with the ladies!

Kenneth Purdy says:

Soon you have free beer and free short time. Who needs money?

Paul Mulvey says:

Charlie ,the girl in the stripe dress can you tell me her name ?and will you be going back there to make any future videos can you tell her to say high to Paul in Scotland ? Thanks mate and God bless.

Phillip R says:

Hey CC any chance going back and Bloggin the girl who gave you a kiss after connect 4 as what a personality i think one best ever seen and good to look at.. What you Say Champ!!!!.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee oh still waiting for that blog walk around 13/1 and 2

Mat Mat says:

Very friendly girl at the end of video . good person

Frackrats Fenorki says:

Cheap Charlie please tell me you short timed the blonde in the striped dress?

Nomadic says:

Looks like a nice bar to hang out at, Charlie.

darren millar says:

im gonna stay there,found the site online

Rajender Rajender says:

Congratulations 2m vieW
Even indian people view your video

Thankyou for your cooperation CCC

Tim Blackburn says:

You did great here Charlie, nice to see you get some YouTube virality. You are pretty lucky to have 3 different videos go viral, considering the size of your channel. You know if the thai people had any business sense at all, these hotels would be paying you big money to sponsor your videos and do reviews of the rooms and the service.

That being said, I'm sure some of the farangs do have some business sense, and I'm sure if you walked into a few of your favorite local establishments and asked them about advertising on your channel, they'd be excited to work with you. Get a few local clients to pay you a $500 retainer every month for advertising, then boom, you don't have to be such a cheap chalie anymore and you can go out to enjoy a few bar girls.

Tim G says:

Awesome job Charlie, now you have it working brother. Good relationships, more views, making friends. I really want to congratulate you on your success. Super job. Those hotel owners should at least throw you a free room, and perhaps a guest, ha.

John Lucas says:

This is awesome Charlie. Great to see these places getting more business because of the videos.

Dwayne Midson says:

Good work CC.

Phillip R says:

Love her boobs wobbling Play it again x 5 lol

Phillip R says:

Great work CC glad getting feed back….Keep good work up and sexy girls dont forget

Nice Kicks says:

Charlie that blond one in the bar was hot and she was feeling you. Was she a working girl???

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