Retiring in Style in Pattaya — Is Thailand Dangerous?

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Is Thailand and Pattaya dangerous? Cheap Charlie doesn’t think so. He considers Pattaya especially to be a very safe place, much safer in fact than his home city in the United States. He shares his opinion on things like driving a motorbike in Thailand, crime rates and whether one should purchase insurance or not. He also explores the nightlife and Walking Street, shows what it is like to be an expat or retiree in this city and gets some street food from the food vendors. He also visits the Burapa bike festival. The last third of the video he finds a very cheap room for rent, $110, but concludes that it is actually overpriced!


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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Marrakech020 says:

U drink a lot and don't Hooke up with any women. Cmonbruh.

Igor S says:

Where you find this old news paper??? in toilet? it's happened in last year

makaveli24k says:

hey charlie i am a fan of your videos sometimes they are awesome and sometimes a clusterfuck. get your editing sklls right. dont put 5 seconds of random clips where we dont know whats where and when. for exaple the last bit of this video should have been another seperate video for people who are looking to find a hotel or room in pattaya. but anyways keep those videos coming. we are here to support you and we enjoy your content. greetings from london uk

Johnny A says:

Charlie, after seeing that hotel room it makes me never want to visit Pattaya that looks like one step away from living on the street and the price wasn't all that cheap…I hope you are not surviving on McDonalds free condiments and sugar water. ..Your videos are getting better really enjoyed the sweet Thai girls dancing so sexy…Thank you and be safe stick to the slower side roads!

Ziauddin Gulistani says:

I saw most people the never drive motorcycle or motorbikes when the going to Thailand the drive but I'm telling you guy's in Asia drive is not easy

Ziauddin Gulistani says:

cheap carlie ur absolutely right about how to drive motor bike in thailand

Ziauddin Gulistani says:

the way you do comment on this video you tell cheap carlie how you talking with stranger I think ur so boring and ur so selfish person ok shut up cheap carlie is not like you he's really good person friendly and respectful

Ziauddin Gulistani says:

this not about stranger or ur family or friends ok

Ziauddin Gulistani says:

it is no difcal to make friends if ur good person and friendly and respectful and you how to talking with people this very easy my friend ok

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