Retiring and Living In Style In Beautiful Pattaya, Thailand

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In this video about life in Pattaya, Thailand:
0:00-1:07 Intro & different Scenes around the city.
1:07-4:03 Hanging with Alex from Argentina and David Bond
4:25-5:31 Accident in Pattaya
5:31-8:14 Breakfast and funny conversation with Thai woman at i-Rovers on Soi Lk Metro
8:16-10:26 – Vegan lunch I purchased from Central in my room at R-con residences
10:26- 15:15 – Showing David Bond R-con residences $300/month apartment.


j c Montreal says:

not vegan cheap charlie the croissant has butter its ok we expect to be misinformed by you by now just like your diet you keep saying calories you dont need calories stop drinking sugar water your not in a prison camp you need nutrients not calories learn to eat maybe you should stop watching durinriders videos and watch vegetarian ones there is no sugar water in there diet

Jms Fabrication says:

Who is that girl at 6:00 Charlie? She's cute.

MrZola1234 says:

In typical Narsasistic style, you ask Bond for a review of the place he is staying, rather than providing some value to your video, he makes it about him and promoting his products.

Leo Swartscopf says:

why you have an amateur pua in your vids?

Isaak Smith says:

David Bond is a prick. Can’t stand him.

Bretwalda Blah Blah Blah says:

king kong meets ting tong 😘

Macshil ah says:

I like David's attitude. He's open and assuring. No wonder the ladies like him so much. That's what a man should be. Imagine he's still young and a lot of years ahead for him. As for Charlie, I feel he's someone like me. I'm never confident to face the camera, I mean.

Alfred Romeo says:

Just wondering how that Turkish guy (I presume he is Turkish) is allowed to work selling ice-cream on walking street?

Jim C. says:

Martin Scorsese I presume….You're getting pretty damn good at this. 45K! Good for you young man.

Randy Levine says:

The older guy in nothing more than a sexpat

Sports Actuary says:

Your videos are great. How difficult is it to open a bank account and which do you recommend?

Steve Crossley says:

Where's the part about retiring and living in style in Pattaya? I don't see the point of this video.

Andy Ann says:

which camera u r using?

therussmeister says:

Croissants are not vegan unless they are modified for vegans, they contain loads of butter.

brian allen says:

Pattaya is a shithole……I moved from there 4 years ago after living there 13 years….

Ross S says:

Nice brake fast! Good to see ur switching to healthy diet! Got to reduce some weight! 😉

ting tong says:

david bond have the looks, good for him ,that changes his attitude, and became like so many, an arrogant type, a russian style!wathever , i not follow him , 1 time i saw him on  a video and i not gonne contact him to drink a beer next month;)when i have my 25e pattaya trip!

My Point Exactly says:

Jesus, David Bond is so fucking rude, his attitude to the hotel staff is disgusting. Guess his parents didn't raise him well. And does he not know the words "please" and " thank you"? No class or manners, what a cunt

My Point Exactly says:

Charlie, why do you keep on hanging around and communicating with the arrogant, ignorant prick David Bond??? please stop using him in your videos, he takes the piss out of you and insults you on his channel saying you're a weird awkward guy. Why the fuck are you with him? You don't ned anything from him

Beer Monkey says:

This is the R-Con by crazy corner.

mike h says:

sorry had to stop watching too much david bond he is a D-bag but like your other vids

Rodney Gaul says:

wow , all the blue pill white knights against Bond , wow big surprise
Bond is an ass , OK , for the cellar dwellers in mom's basement , The ass holes get the "sexy" girls . Go to local bar in your city and watch .
Ass's get the girls and nice guys use their hand or the local land whale . Why else do you want to go to Pattaya for ?
Let me guess , to talk philosophy ? Spiritual enlightenment ? or is it more like you can't get laid in your hometown as your a "blue pill SJW"
Bond is what ever ,( exploiter , paying the girls , dick head ) . But he is getting laid and living well .

Andy Hines says:

At least he is being honest about scamming people.

Dwayne Midson says:

i-Rovers is great. I ate there everyday on my last visit. I'm booked to stay there next year for 3 weeks.

eric thefathead says:

little known fact….David Bond is related to James Bond.

Canuk Travels says:

My generation did that on a TV show called "laugh In" Goldie Hawn 19 at the time and Judy cairn wore bikini's and were all painted up and danced around , yes they did you bet your bippy !!!

DonCastillo TheMartialARTist says:


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