Retirement, Long Stay in Thailand, Pattaya Condo/ Apartment rentals

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An informative video about the cost, terms, and conditions of condos/apartments in Phra tumnak and Jomptien outside of Pattaya, Thailand


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Another excellent video Sean. Anyone who is interested in renting a longer term residence should watch this video thoroughly.

Kamyab Samadi says:

man this was an absolutely pleasant vlog! good job Sean your channel's gonna grow super fast asap!

Done Deal says:

Sorry but you have to get a gimbal. I’m feeling nauseous!

MrZola1234 says:

Some nice options Sean. I like your approach toward the area, women, and life in general… thanks for the videos.

richie rich says:

Third was awesome

Lavon Watson says:

I've decided to make the move next Fall, this was very helpful, thanks.

Mercedes Benz says:

You and CC are like annoying pests going to these rental apartments and hotels and having no intention to actually stay in one! Just so you can make a crappy vid? Please…i would rather go on trip advisor or visit a thai rental website. FAIL!

Brett Michael says:

Awesome vlog and very informative thanks Sean 👍🏻👍🏻

Paul Parkes says:


clive5310 says:

Gave the video a thumbs up, but found the music extremely annoying.

Levent Oerkue says:

To be honest – I prefer the cheaper room. 😀 That's just me though. Joys of being a Bachelor. 😛

Phillip R says:

Big thumbs up Sean CC teaching you well beats watching you run with looks like stick up your arse lol……………………..

Peter Morris says:

Hi Sean. May I ask where you found these listings ? Particularly the for 12K for the landlord pays 2000 of utility bills.

cloudtoground says:

The $660 1 bedroom is nice. I need at least one room separate from the rest of the area. The only thing that I might want in addition is a small balcony. I guess they probably don't have them with these 350sqft rooms, but I'd even pay a bit more if they had the balcony.

Suresh Deonandan says:

very nice Sean i enjoy this video

Thoy's Thai Food Videos On Youtube says:

Also, this lady on YouTube seems a good teacher, I'd contact her direct for skype,lessons

Ivo Janssens says:

it is the first video I see of you.
Have you also made a video of sales prices .. ??

Mark C says:

Great video. Your laid back personality is refreshing.

K Mathew says:

Is this cheap charlie 12:49?

Cheap Charlie Pip. says:

Good vlogg Sean – new subscriber here. Chok Dee 👍😎🇬🇧

jack smith says:

Hi Sean cool video – just a quick question what is the heat usually like in bangkok? in the 30's or higher? thanks

GTLmike says:

amazing video, thanks for the info. Kinda interested for in the future maybe couple years. who knows? lol

Ercan Kilic says:

i wish i could leave my current life to start a new one somewhere like thailand as you guys did , i am a bit jealous .. , thx for the upload .

Blue Red Black says:

very good informative video Sean, really appreciate it..

Jose Gutierrez says:

Nice music Sean 😂

Andrew 6 says:

@1:37 You say "1 bedroom/ 1 living room, 1.5 bath" is that a description of the bathroom (although I can't think what 1.5 bath could be) or purchase price 1.5 million Baht?

Charisma_XP says:

The one for $375 a month was nice. I'd pay that for the week.

Raffi Boghosian says:

good video, please make more Sean. thanks

Mark Gibbs says:

Great Video Seen the music where can i get it from i love the last track.

Sonny Jim says:

Nice apartments at very reasonable prices. Nice one Sean.

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