Retirement in Thailand — Farewell Pattaya, I Love You!

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This could be Cheap Charlie’s final Pattaya video for some time (though he will continue to vlog from other cities around the world):
0:00 – – 4:10 — Intro and Various scenes around Pattaya, Thailand
4:10 – 8:28 — A tour of the markets and food of Naklua seafood market.
8:29 -9:38 – Meetup with Sean in Wonderland, Mae and friends.
9:39 – 12:55 – I go on a date to Walking Street.
12:55 – 21:18 — I meet a CCC subscriber, Roman from Russia. We go to Insomnia and later we have an adventure exploring his hotel, the Intercontinental on Pratamnuk.
21:20 — 33:15 – Retirement lifestyle and cost of living and fitness advice from Sean in Wonderland.
33:15 — 38:57 – Various Scenes including checking out a few different Pattaya hotels such as the Hilton.
38:57 -43:13 – Meeting with David Bond and showing him a monthly apartment for rent.
43:14- 47:36 – A tour of the Sky Gallery and Cosy Beach and lunch with Sean and friends.
47:37-51:57 – Various eating options around town.
51:57 – 55:10- Different Scenes including Terminal 21, different markets and my Sony Rx0 camera.
55:10 — 56:50 — A tour of my Penthouse apartment.
56:51 – 1:11:05 — different shopping hauls I had, also some food I made, feeding Thai street dogs.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Everybody, I'm still going to be vlogging, but just from different countries and cities. I've mentioned a few times that I've been wanting to travel but my visa status kept me in Pattaya for a long time because I knew once I leave I would be banned from the country for one year. There is no particular reason to leave other than the fact that I wanted to move on both from a personal and a professional standpoint. I have filmed every nook and cranny of Pattaya. I felt like I needed some new challenges. I hope everyone likes the new incarnation of my channel as I take you around the world.

des goulding says:

Many thanks for sharing charlie very good videos mate take care and keep safe

Jesse Mendez says:

No more Charlie? Oh well! You can all switch over and watch "20 Seconds in Thailand" with no job dead beat Rob! He can't get laid either and also had a side kick named Sonny! Too bad Sonny let the trolls get to him, got to big for his britches and went private. I use to love the vlogs where Bum Boss would go off on him and give him the stink face look!! lololol!! Dam Nazi farang!!

kenny chamnan says:

Charlie you've given me many hours of great entertainment and I'm sorry to see you go. but give it a year or so and Pattaya will be hugely changed and you can Vlog it all over again, be lucky mate.

jim prother says:

Hi CC, a follower/subscriber for a long time. Always loved your work. Good that you fix your visa status so that a future return is no problem. Ignore the trolls, they are worthless junk fit only to be ignored. Can for now say thank you for all your hard interesting and quite unique vlogs in Pattaya/Bangkok etc. Best wishes for safe journeys and adventures.


Sean says he saves money by cooking at home… sure, but when you are cooking for 3 all the time how much are you really saving??? Honestly cheaper to eat out for 1 than feeding those 2 girls..

Nick Lopes says:

CC……. Wish you the best. Safe travels and all. Hope you do Davao City, Philippines. Will keep watching.

Sweet Guy In Pattaya says:


he needs to go early to the airport and apologize, he will pay the fine of 20000 baht and will be banned for 1 year, maybe if he is nice with the officer and make a big smile , he can ask for less.
he could even not be banned at all, and come back next day.(I doubt)
anyway u guys still have my video and steff video to watch while u wait for CCC return.
I guess we will continue to watch him, this is why youtube is magic, no limit no boundary, total freedom.
good luck CCC

Dwain Birts says:

I would have snatched the sweatshirt off that stupid skank that was obviously out to get what she could from some guy without going home with him. She probably was thinking 'thanks for playing'.

Gokul Nath says:

Love u dude

Kdogg 86 says:

thanks CC, can't wait to see "where you go" next! best of luck and safe travels

The Wanderer says:

Good luck Charlie – Always liked watching your videos of Pattaya my second home – Sean will miss you.

Mr Blobby says:

God damn, and I was hoping to see you within the next 2 weeks. You killed it though, 81k subs best of luck and I can't wait for the new season. Stay lucky Charlie its only up from here.

Dwain Birts says:

Good luck CC, I think that change will be good for you. I hope you will choose Phillippines next as I will be there shortly as well. If so I have a feeling that you'll meet that special lady that you've been looking for.

The Invisible Picker says:

Bye..CC.. You took this camera with nothing and accomplished something short of amazing.. New will be good…

chief td says:

CC, good luck in your new travels. Will look for your new videos in the future. Aloha

Waigoon Rittirut says:

For cheap, I also recommend Philippines .

Bob Brown says:

Wow, I knew this was eventually coming – after you admitted to way-overstaying your visa. Hopefully, you will post some VLogs from Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, or Myanmar soon. Will miss you until then. Thanx for all the great videos.

Mike Reyes says:

Phillipines is a good country , nice ladies there

El Fish Knows says:

Good luck Charley.

Mark Gibbs says:

Good luck Charlie and thanks for all your great work looking forward to your new vlogs.
New your buddy will have to step it up lol safe travels mate.

KeeblerOrc says:

I have really enjoyed your Thailand Vids…. Hope to see more where every you go…. Thanks

Limto Lim says:

Don't come to Jakarta, Alexis the number one hevent ini Jakarta already close….ahahahahah

trader says:

man, you already in heaven!… good luck


On the road again…HAHAHAHAA!! Seriously though, I look forward to what your future vlogs hold. Be safe and enjoy life everyday CC.

Michael Bounds says:

Good luck Charlie!

TheSouthLondonRealist says:

Aw wicked buddy. Wonder where u are off to next!

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