Retirement In Pattaya Thailand + Sean and Mae Update

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In this episode of retirement in Pattaya, Thailand I meet with Pattaya retiree Sean for dinner. He cooked a persian dish ab gusht. Sean made the entire pot of stew for only 150 baht or about $5 which was enough to feed 8 people. If you made a vegetarian version of this dish it would only cost 50 baht or so, this just shows how cheap good and nutritious food can be if you shop at the local markets and cook your own food. Food is a big part of maintaining quality of life and keeping expenses low for retirees and Sean shows how it is done. I also met with Mae and had a drink with her on Soi Diamond on Walking Street and also had some chats with other people.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Levent Oerkue says:

Does the bar rotate or am I trippin? lol – Pretty cool.

castortroy365 says:

From memory isn’t Mae part Korean? So it’s only natural she would go there to see her son and family at times. I think her English is not that good so it’s hard to communicate. You’d be better off talking to Filipina girls, their English is better.

Bob Smith says:

Dude. Why would you ask Mae to talk, then go to a place that is so loud that anyone can't hear it, then film it?

Video Freedom says:

i think im getting it.

ask stupidly obvious questions that leave the stunned target person saying to themselves, wtf.

ie; "you come back thailand?" when they are standing there in thailand.

LiverKick says:

Bro…I’m in Patts. We should hang out and grab some drinks.

Daryle says:

Good to see the good guy behind the CC channel on display!

TheBlueskyson says:

Poor old Mae. Stuck with Sean and Chuck. lol. ty 4 vid.

pattayaaaaaa says:

Why didn't that girl Mea pick up her things herself? And why had you to deliver them 1:08, are you a delivery boy? I think and hope that Sean told her to go away,
and that he will find a nice Thai girl!
BTW, she had to offer you a drink for helping her 😉

gary mc says:

Hahaha how awkward and cringeworthy was that… embarrassing

Wail fmh11 says:

Awesome vids. Keep it rolling…

Andy L says:

Looks like Goulash, looks good.

AlanT says:

Now I love you again Charlie. For a short time we thought you have abandoned us

Shop Got says:

Mae looks like a butterfly, not good

paul jordan says:

There are so many decent, cool women in Thailand. Why waste time on that drama queen Mae? Well, like one viewer stated, she is a player just like Sean so maybe they deserve each other. Sean just seems too smart to fall for someone like Mae. BTW, when these Thai gals go to Korea, they are going there to work (hustle). There is no other reason, they are being sponsored.

Rogue Male says:

I'd love to retire in Pattaya but,scared I'll end up like those washed up western foriegners I see outside 7/11 buying beer and eating at alley restaurants with the locals.
I've discovered the only way to prevent it;is to 1)travel around Thai 2) go home every couple of months.

Shiro N says:

I love Persian food and that's what the sean does for you.
hope he comes back in youtube as soon as possible. miss his vlog. thumbs up for you guys !!!

chief chugsy says:

Sean is back. Yes! i wish he would post more videos on his channel. Buddy rules!!

James Murphy says:

Great video. I would have told Sean that his cooking smelled good as it made my mouth water.Good to see Mae but she acted like she " shot herself in the foot" by leaving and going to Korea. She made me upset with the going away party when Sean and you had paid for, with letting the Thai guys drink the whiskey,, before you guys, the payees, got there and then the wanting another bottle paid for by the hosts, as in the 2 of you. She seemed upset,preoccupied,distracted etc. Sean seems like a good human being and if he helps Mae again or not, it will be the right decision. As a famous man once said.." a man has to know his limitations.." . Thanks again for the videos and I'll keep watching.

Shamas A says:

glad see sean again

Pete F says:

Mae is looking gorgeous . looks like got good rest in korea

Sam Bassett says:

is he from Iran? Which part of Iran?

blades Ultra lock laces says:

Sean is funny …haha

A RaysFan says:

CCC drinking soda water? you on the wagon?

Bernd Klüver says:

Keep on rockin in a free world…..I wouldn't have the nerv to talk with someone who doesn't understand me at all and who makes a face like you talk about the sandman. ( Mae )

TravelingNomad100 says:

One of my favorite bars in all of Thailand had many good nights spinning at Carousel always a fun group there.

max miser says:

Mae looks lost.

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