Retirement in Pattaya – Meeting Russian Women, Thai Women and Transgenders

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Pattaya, Thailand where the fun never stops. A lot of things happened in this vlog and here is the breakdown:
0:00-1:34 – Meeting Russian Women
1:35-2:00 – Jomtien Beach
2:00-2:38 – Montage around town.
2:39-3:39 – My new hotel room.
3:40- 4:59 – Soi Buakhao street scenes
5:00- 6:35 – Cheap Japanese food in Pattaya on 3rd Road
6:36-9:19 – Soi 13/1 walk and talk to some transgenders
9:20-12:04 – Muay Thai boxing match
12:04-16:27 – Sean makes spaghetti and wiener schnitzel and talks about his chance to become a pro soccer player.
16:28-19:07 – Walking Street nightlife and people watching.

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RamiroUM says:

Perhaps cutting a bit on the drinking won't be a bad idea

Kaziem Sardha says:

Hello charlie i want to see you where are u going to be this sunday

Home Runner says:

Hot Russian girls! 😍🇷🇺

Phillip R says:

Could of forward the cam let us have look at the girls figures Geez CC

IKnowYouKnow says:

If you ever did a video explaining how you were able to retire so early, please provide a link. Are you are heir to a toothpaste fortune?

Chris Cooper says:

How can sean be a good footballer, have you seen him run lol

IKnowYouKnow says:

120 baht for one night? A whole night or just an hour or two? For a whole night that place looked good enough to charge 700 – 1000 baht per night.

bcparkerjr says:

Sean is cool!😎

Cattom Rud says:

You're from the United States and you're an American, there's no country that's called America.

Cattom Rud says:

I'm a better closer when I'm drunk.

edeter2260 says:

At the 8:56 mark in the video, where all those women transgender? The one in green (and best looking) most likely. What about the two in the red dresses and one in dark blue? The lady in the red dress at 8:59 speaking sounds very feminine (I like that one also). I would get in trouble if I was intoxicated and walking down that road.

issman100 says:

Hey dude I'm in pattaya let me buy you a beer.

MilesDei says:

That kickboxer got straight mollywhopped!

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