Retirement and Nightlife Metropolis Pattaya Thailand

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What a city Pattaya, Thailand, a place where you can play golf, enjoy beautiful weather, sit on the beaches and party your brains out all within 5 KM of each other and live there for the price of peanuts! If you know of another similar place you tell me and I will go there!!!


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Sean's Condo Video Check out His Channel:
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derek lewis says:

You should look up a book called the oitliers. Its totally you man.

gakenh01 says:

Omega Man looks better than most guys in their 30s! He's living life the right way.

For me it is Thailand or bust, but probably not Pattaya. I can't take Pattaya for more than 4 days at a time. Many Florida retirement areas, such as The Villages, are not what they seem. They are essentially party central for the 60+ crowd and a lot of sex goes on there. They are not the shuffle board and bridge clubs that people would expect.

qchome says:

I know that you like to promote Pattaya positively every chance you get,but is not CM the digital nomad capital?

AlanT says:

Nowadays 70 is still young let alone 54 , more and more girls go with the experienced/seasoned men who are better not only in bed but spending and appreciation.Sean coupled with Charlie make Pattaya a more desirable and fun place.

cloudtoground says:

I think you got to interview Omega man. He's a strange bird but at 68 looks pretty good for his age. What's he doing anyway? Does he pick up women or just flex his muscles at everyone? LOL. I hope he's got more going on in life than walking around bare-chested flexing his muscles.

JP Davis says:

Cheap Charlie, it does not matter what you look like. Think that most of your subscribers just like you as a genuine person. Hey, I've been around (LA Guy) and over relied on my looks, came to realize that looks does not amount to much at the end of the day. All depends on what you want to attract and state of mind. This casual Thai party atmosphere does not help average guys stand out in the crowd. Big City office attire is a different story and men can improve their image. Sean knows what I'm talking about and always looks sharp.

kun Baa says:

Your just getting old living in dodge with no direction

The Project Diamond says:

My Number 1 Passion in life Charlie is Music and Discos!! 1:50 i think thats my new favourite place when i get there in a few weeks. Love Music!!! Omega man looks like a fantastic laugh and hopefully he gets that channel going Smiles as always SUPERSTAR CHARLIE 🙂 Sean looks like he was having the time of his life 🙂

Phillip R says:

Super Star Sean should got him show how he runs to the girls lol

Phillip R says:

Walking street should be Like Fremont Street in Vegas ……

Phillip R says:

Hey you can win some good Prizes in bingo

CF Moto Z8 says:

I want to know what’s the Omega man is on? 😁

Bahaa Badri says:

Just me or someone here feeling down respect to Sean, Drunk old man trying to be yang lol , no more watching this shit for me ..,!

Jeff D says:

The girl in the Red top was Hot

Mr 1 says:

Patong is Russian and Chinese city, I was 4 time in Thailand but now i will go Philippine. Thailand is not backpacker country now.

richie rich says:

No socks lol or wear sneakers

Manao Manao says:

'Digital Nomad Capital of the World'??? lol no mate, I think Chiang Mai has far more digital nomads than Pattaya tbh. Patts is mainly retirees and tourists.

A RaysFan says:

@3:48 look like omega man invented a new pec exercise…

Ross S says:

Nice video Charlie! 👍

Ralph Alonso says:

Sean is 54 ? Yeaaaaaaaaa okay

Eddie Horan says:

Cheap Charlie. What do you look like. I only ever see Sean

p.c. mat says:

What happened to Sean? Looks like he's kinda drunk lol

Shane Purcell says:

Damn Charlie…Sean get all the ladies? Lol! Great videos brutha! Me.. Island Boy!

A Twogun says:

Also Omega man should learn it's offensive in Thai culture to walk the street bare chested. I assume he should already know this.

A Twogun says:

Let me say something. When you are young all of this superficial fun, single life, lots of girls etc. is just what you want. Live life no problems. When you get older it is the last thing you want. That lifestyle becomes lonely and emotionally tiring. When older you prefer stability with someone you love and trust. Just my advice.

usher freedom says:

Im going to print a Tshirt ……where you go.😂😂😂

Rob Battye says:

Hi Charlie big fan of your channel pattaya looks amazing. Hopefully I ll be going next year some time would like to meet up and you show me around. Keep up the good videos 👍👍

Frank Ornelaz says:

Looks like fun !!!!

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