Retire Cheap in Thailand — Pattaya Apartment $120 to $180/Month for 1 Bedroom

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I found this Thai style apartment off of Soi Buakhao on Soi Excite. They have rooms for as cheap as 3,800 baht with no AC. The room that I viewed was 6,000 baht and it was a 1 bedroom and had AC. While the room was dated I think this would be a good type of place that you can get a long term contract (maybe 5,000 baht) and fix it up and make it very nice. For about 20,000 baht you could get a new TV, some new furnishing and a new kitchen installed and you’d have a beautiful one bedroom apartment that you can live in for many years very cheaply for a long term retiree. I liked the spaciousness of the place and the high ceilings. Finding something like this is not easy so it could be a good fixer upper type place. Unfortunately they only have one room available at the moment (that was the last one when I looked). These sort of places get snatched up by the Thai people quickly

This place has a great location since it is very close to Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro and Soi Chaiyapoon, about 5 minute walk. You can walk to 3rd Road in 5 min and Big C Extra in about 12-15 minutes. It is also right next to Bake and Brew, one of Pattaya’s best breakfast and coffee joints in the city.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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Jörgen Månsson says:

Good video and a good job on your part to find apartments like this.
This video makes me think of my first apartment of when i moved to Bangkok many years ago.
Personally I prefer cealing fans instead of aircond but preferably i want both so i can cool down the room properly when needed.

John Lingel says:

Jesus $180 and people are bitching about the price of electric. I’m all for people living a minimalist lifestyle but c’mon.. the woman needs to eat! If you can’t afford $180 a month you should probably be at home working out your finances not hanging out in Pattaya.

There is a balance you don’t want to over pay so much that it makes hard for locals to rent but if you come from a rich country it’s not the end of the world if the locals make a little extra money off you.

One of my business partners who makes over $200k per month got in an argument with a cab driver in Bangkok over 200 baht. He’s lucky I still talk to him. I’m all about getting a good deal but a good deal is when both sides win. Not when you just get shit for super cheap.

Jose Galvan says:

Roach motel.

trill full says:

yo Charlie what do you look like I never see your face

Paul Mulvey says:

I'm not an expert in thai charlie . But i think you said to the lady that you were hear to fix the plumbing , or you wanted to acquire as suitcase ! I think that's why she looked at you funny .

holo paradiktum says:

Go look the Apartment near "the Right Resort" Hotel. I think the Name is Coffe House. 6000 Baht one Month. A Friend stay there.
Brand new Aircon. Elevator and big enough

Frank Smith says:

"Pom mai yaak DAY hong" (ผมไม่อยากได้ห้อง)…you need the "day" (ได้), it means "to acquire" in this case…อยาก alone can only be used before verbs (such as อยากไป "I want to go" อยากกิน "I want to eat"), not nouns…before nouns (because you're saying "I want to acquire [noun]"), you need ได้

Frank Smith says:

You heard her wrong…she said wifi is 350, not 250.

陈港生 says:

sounds like you are fluent in thai now Charlie. Well done

Heikki Virolainen says:

What is the name of the apartment buildning?

jim prother says:

1) Location is good 2) Electric per unit at 10THB is unacceptably high but thank you for listening to my request and asking the electric rate per unit 3) CC does good service to us showing these apartments so I thank him whatever the price 3) I suspect in low season a monthly rent of 5k THB is easily possible 4) Bake n Brew breakfasts and coffee are to die for ……..

Asean says:

yes there is always electric rip off.. witch is problem becouse for me will be electric most important in renting.. hmm i watch some vlogers video from philiphines ..many low budget people move there now… or maybe i will try cambodia..but.. but form me: food is better in thailand.. that others nation do not cook soo precisely/balanced tastes in food melal.. i dont want kill my liver with cheap thai whisky )) soo for beer is much better cambodia.. vietnam and philip..?? beer prices ?

Sonny Jim in Thailand says:

So figure about 10,000 baht all in for the A.C. room. Very good location.

michael mead says:

Thank you Charlie. Great deal..

Rush Smith says:

Not bad – even better if AC was included in the price though

Mugen Power says:

350 for wifi

Lenox McDuff says:

10 bath electric per unit, way to high…at good places you pay 3 or 4 bath, hugh difference with aircone in one month

And men….try to learn more thai…..

Ismail Gursoy says:

Whats the name of this apartment? Thank u for sharings!

Howard Neely says:

Coming from Sydney, Australia where retirement village prices are exorbitant due to the property boom, if you were single and rented you could come here to Pattaya and retire in a warmer climate with plenty of entertainment options, plus Thais respect the elderly which is in short supply back home.

Last Master says:

For that price you won't have to jack off

lucifer morningstar says:

wow nice room for 6k but they smack ur ass for the electric 10 a unit

Chris Andrews says:

Seems good value even if you factor the expensive electric – it’s going to be less than 10000 all in for a nice big room

Joe Mel says:

What are the advantages of living short-term in Pattaya (2 – 3 months) or (6 months) compared with the h Mexico or Panama? Is Thailand massage spas much more professional and affordable than Mexico and Panama? My life in Canada really is at its lowest in the (woman friend relationship) category, feminism really destroyed men in Canada. Heck, i still feel energetic and youthful over 50 but its all going to waste, and has been for over 15 years now.

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