Retire and Travel to Thailand + Met African Ladies on Pattaya Beach

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Cheap Charlie enjoys another day in Paradise, Pattaya Thailand. Walking the streets with Sean In Wonderland, also met Thailand Bob on Walking Street and met many people along the way including some nice African ladies on Beach Road. With high season the nightlife is really vibrant right now. Pattaya is such a great place to retire and travel to. Whether you are here for 2 weeks or 2 years it is fantastic.


Paul Sinnott says:

Useless information 👎🏼

Seth Williams says:

04:16 is smokin hot in blue top

Edwin Stewart says:

Them African chicks had some bangin bodies…Especially that one who was sitting in the water and stood up..Nice!! 🙂

The Zombie King Killer says:

music womaen and boobs thats a 60 material right there… i remeber getiing kicked out of bar for being to drunk .. running half k to bar throwing 5 dollare on the floor n taking a pitcher n … it was gon be4 i got kicked out agin .. lol

Ayesha Sheikh says:

CC and his alter ego Sean at it again. Sean desperately trying to impress the street gurlz and CC the man who has a yen for the massage gurlz, who r not even interested in giving him the time of day ! How SAD !!

The Zombie King Killer says:

yeter day a micky. 2 day a 2o 6er… to marow a 4d …..

The Zombie King Killer says:

do u now how many differnt pices of furnicer u can make out of milk crates ,,,,, lol

Gimmee_Your_Money says:

Wow man, I don;'t think i would be chasing those ladies LOL

T-Isaac Prince says:

Hey mate. Those African girls are not from Ethiopia. They are from Uganda and they were speaking a local language called Luganda from Baganda Tribe. I was understanding what they were saying. That was a nice video especially the facts about the beach….. Thanks alot and stay blessed.

MilesDei says:

Thailand Bob is Thailand Cockroach, another awesome video though!!

Be Yourself says:

Cool video. Nice range of scenes.

James Palaiologos says:

I wonder if they have to pay the 180% import tax on the car at 8:49 555555 🙂

Rude John says:

Bro, those aren't "bugs", those are "seasoning," especially on barbecue. 🙂

blaqmarkit says:

Decent looking east africans

A RaysFan says:

@1:45 Sean is starting to show his age.

1CBRDUDE says:

That water is full of God only knows ,Pattaya water is toxic I would never swim in that crap.

John Cooray says:

I like to see and listen to interviews with Girls and all..more interest I think so

Dissent says:

Beautiful African women I was a little reluctant to go to Thailand because there are some things on black women I just cant live without….. nice knowing I wont have to pack one, until I get there..

Udon word says:

pattaya pattaya ,life is life 🙂 sabaii sabaii

Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

skyballin says:

show your face Charlie

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