Retire and Live Cheap In Paradise Pattaya, Thailand

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Pattaya is a great place, in this video series I show two contrasting lifestyles between Sean and myself, Cheap Charlie. Both of us live here on a budget but we have very different lifestyles. Sean is retired, I am a digital nomad. Thailand and Pattaya in particular are great places for both groups.

Sean’s channel has newly opened and is located here:


Ilyas koshani says:

that guy named sean is looking like a pimp

Patrick DiMeo says:

i'd be super afraid to catch a food poisoning over there

RR SS says:

great vid's bro!! can you make a video on how much those shirts cost in the beginning of this vid? also can you make a vid on how much cloth cost there like shoes "nike" and other cloths.. i think that would be a good youtube vid..

Relf Morris says:

mind your own business dont put the girl on your vlog

big patek says:

Thai girls wit cheek piercings are my weakness

Moni Schnabel says:


SwanInnSongkran says:

It isn't just the traffic on the road Charlie, don't forget the motorbikes on the pavement.

Clinton Allen says:

Haha! Charile almost asked the girls in 7-11 where they go, but surprised me and said which gogo you guys work at. Way to go Charlie! Your game is improving

Dman Darren Thailand says:

I think the funniest part of your videos when you shoot the outside of your building. It's such a boring looking building you should add in a sound of a Crow, like "The Simpson's" would have in an outdoor shot!! Oh right, it might take some editing and take up time from videoing boring things on walking street…and drinking!! Don't know why you are bothering trying to eat healthy when you drink so much it negates everything you do. That's why you're gaining wait too.

Алексей Горча says:

I was under impression that you know what you eat until 13:02. The bitter melon can give you hardcore side effects even if you don't eat the seeds. Personally I avoid it at all costs. Proper cooking of this thing takes literally hours… There are plenty of healthy vegetables to eat even without bad taste, long cooking and side effects.

IKnowYouKnow says:

Good to see you chowing some meat, dude. Chicken looked tasty.

IKnowYouKnow says:

Don't show Thai toilets. Gross.

dad sd says:

your bodyguard looks lile very strong lol

DayZ Oldschool says:

Enjoying your vids as always. I will look at Sean`s channel now 🙂

billl44 says:

Got back from Pattaya. I went because i was in a depressive stages in my life and hoping Pattaya would sparks some sort of passions for life again. Got disillusions and even left early, it was'nt as fun as i remember when i came here on liberty during my Navy days. But after watching some more of your videos, Dammit!!, i want to go back next year for round 2. Keep uploading.

The Zombie King Killer says:

dammm i want to go…. hopefully march its just a passport thing now…. booking it n time off …. 28 days … o ya n makes me think again… i like setting up a plan … waiting some time n seeing how it changed …. like might not hostile it out .. or maybe a percentage of nights … n i think 2 cell phones for movie n photooo n a memory card be good…

Jayme Lonokapu says:

How do you handle the visa requirements?

Bob Jay says:

Charli can you find out how much a crocodile cost. N how much it cost to get skinned

Pavel Musil says:

Chicken for 5 thb? Where is it?

Cameron Larson says:

Hey I plan on coming out there for about 6-10 months. What's a good place to get for that amount of time and can get a nice deal?

Les Grossman says:

It's time for another mega dose Charlie. Let it rip! 😀

Papy Choelo says:

Dude you sound like a ex-youtuber called boneless or boundless (American living in Japan, he tryied Pattaya but he mist the adoration that he got in Japan so he went.)

Brad Hamilton says:

The real Answer?? Get a "friend" like Sean and Glom free meals, transport, booze off him!! They don't call this Doufus Cheap Charlie for nothing!!

ccammy1 says:

Sunbed steroid guy in. The white shirt loves himself, doubt if he could run the length of walking street

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:


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