Relaxing Blues Music 2017 | Debbie Davies Sonoma Sunset | www.RelaxingBlues.Com 4K

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Relaxing Blues Music 2017 | Debbie Davies Sonoma Sunset | www.RelaxingBlues.Com 4K
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Robert Bruck says:

Happy new year, Eric. Thank's! And to be continued in this year!

Michael Jander says:

+Hellmaker Happy New Year! Well, if this compilation is anything to go by, your 2018 is going to be a cracker! Thanks for your posts and best wishes to you and all who are near and dear for happiness and fulfilment in the coming year. Cheers, Michael.

Luciano Charloz says:

Quien pudiera ser esa ave blanca en la selva del blues. Gracias ,feliz año nuevo, Hellmaker!!!

Herida De Salida says:

had a sunset for new years but I got a new shade of blue 🙂 Shalom

tobe happier says:

Thanks a lot for your effort and happy new year Hellmaker ….from South Korea

Suz Pratt says:

No words …… just appreciation

Rodolfo Miguel Serra serra.rodolfo.m says:

Amigo Hellmaker, que este nuevo año, 2018, nos encuentre disfrutando estas hermosas selecciones cuidadosamente escogidas por ti y, al mismo tiempo, te consagre como siempre como uno de los mejores, por no decir el mejor canal musical que acompaña todos nuestros días!
Un Feliz y Prospero Año Nuevo para ti , mí deseo de corazón!

Venator says:

Smooth and blue Eric, thank you brother 😎

By Myself says:

Nice and Soothing and Very Relaxing Happy New Year to you If ya go out there be careful Thank you Hellmaker 💙

Hamid Belguenbour says:

Super emotional blues, special thanks for you and happy new year Hellmaker.

Olivia says:

Happy new year to you hellmaker🎶❤😘

1P0T says:

myydään mainostilaa.

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