Raikage Deploys Samui’s Platoon To Konoha After Sasuke Attacks Killer Bee

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HerobrineX Steve says:


Kai _Smith_1738 says:

my nigga Omoi

Kai _Smith_1738 says:

sasuke fag should be dead so should his team

Spac-Time Edna says:

The Raikage is crying 😂😂😁lol

I'mJKMan 9000 says:

When Karui had the same voice actor for Caulifla

Konoha Daisenpū says:

them tears tho

Alejandro Vera says:

We should get a light novel about Jay

Isaiah Cruickshank says:

Why does karui sound like caulifla from Dragon Ball Super

Hirohito TheJapanese says:

I want fuck her boobies

Just a ugly Lonely boy says:

Who layed the pipe down on samui?

Laurence Christian Santiago says:

Raikage crying Omg hahahhahahaha

PAPA76MAC says:

The nigga ninja would be named Jay lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️

Hoody Toad says:

Mabui is sexy af

Adrian Mendoza says:

That's it. I'm gonna search up "Samui hentai" on the Google search bar

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