Q and A about Living in Phuket Thailand | Cost of Living, Jobs

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I was asked some questions from quite a lot of people so I thought I would share them. They may help you if you are considering moving to Thailand, or to Phuket.

Feel free to ask me any questions on here or on one of my social media sites.

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Jamal Stead says:

We are comming in 6 months to live in phuket ….my mum says thank you very much for the information we found it enlightening

denbydish says:

It seems where ever there are Muslims dogs get a bad deal. Typical.

Robert Polk says:

You are terrific people!!

Alexander says:

I am amazed that you were surprised, there was always Soi Dogs and there always will be, it is a Buddhist country, they don't cull or euthanizee animals, so get used to it.

rogerleecyprus says:

Hi Vegan girl! very nice comments and helpful! i! m a singer and a tennis pro thinking about coming over! you think i can get a job there and where can i find more UK and European people to maybe get a piano bar or work in a hotel!? thanks!

Paulie's Cycling Club says:

How did you decide on Phuket ? Plenty of dogs in Chiang Mai …

Victor vondoom says:

Hi ! At first, I thought you were an Aussie because a lot of them were there.
Then a bit later, you said you are from the UK. It seems you are living far away from home and losing your cool British accent. What's happening? You are a very kind person for the feeling of a stray dog. Unfortunately, you can't save them all. No matter how hard you try. Yes, it's a pity and a damn shame. Thank you for being kind.You're an angel.
1 question, How safe was it to live in Phuket or any other places near a big city? Why do I ask? Because I use to live in Bangkok when I was a little boy back in the 70's. Went to my 1st kindergarten school there calls Alliance francaise for a foreigner.
I remember just a little bit. I've been thinking about moving there myself but it seems not the right time at the moment.
Thank you for a reply in advance. From Canada with Peace & Love to you.

Mohammed Alharbi says:

hello vegan girl i want to visit you in phuket

bla bla black sheep says:

I'd love to come help out with dogs if you needed people :|)

bla bla black sheep says:

Where about s in puhket do you stay? I cant see your place properly but it looks good to me..I'm looking to move out there cause i have bad nerve pain and it gets worse the colder it is.. i have live in Thailand before but not in puhket..

Samin Farhan says:

Very informative! Hey can I somehow contact with you cause I also want to move in Phuket.. It would be great if I can have a helping hand from you.

21ADB21 says:

Hi, what do you do reference Visa runs?

Elizabeth Crow says:

HI – Great video, we have a lot in common! I am coming to live in Phuket in two weeks, from Maui USA. with my rescue dog. I will be volunteering at soidog.org, and also interested in rescuing on my own maybe. Looking for a house to rent, in North Phuket – like you – quiet, big garden/yard and safe for my dog (s) Write me back would love to here from you…Elizabeth

Christian tønnesen says:

How many thai women have you man been with this far too?

T ski says:

I found a awesome foundation when I was in phuket who help the street dogs who are in need of medical care. If anyone is interested in how you can help check out soidog.org

William Routon says:

Hello, I just graduated from University and received a CELTA certificate in my home country. I'd like to do a bit of traveling and would love to find a teaching job around Phuket! Do you think I would be able to find a job there? When is the best time to apply? Thanks!

telstar9 says:

Do some people look after the dogs ?

ณัฐภรณ์ น้อยสีเหลือง says:

talking shit job=fuck all cash and a shit exsistance retire and have cash or go for many holidays and wait or stay up north mucg better than the south greedy cunts.

peter grahame says:

Yes it's all cheap but you have to be in Thailand, hot, corrupt, immigration hassles and third world services. I have been here 12 years, truest me the novelty wears off. You cannot work in any job without a permit and 95% of jobs are Thais only. If you are not a qualified teacher you are wasting the kids time 'teaching;'.You cannot buy a house anyway.

David L says:

Great info thanks Vegan Girl.

Do you know much about schools? hospitals? places within Phuket where a family with kids can live throughout the life of the children?

Is there a friendly expat community?

shah4750 says:

how I can join u…. n how we can earn 1000 dolar a month there easily on tourist visa

Fabien Kiefer says:

And about the price of living: because of the british morons in your goverment and your stupit brexit, it is very expensive where you are from! In Germany it is by far cheaper than in your country and not that much more than in Thailand. But I agree: Phuket is a great place, simply anything than cheap. Phuket is not expensive, but nothing at all it is cheap.

Fabien Kiefer says:

Not wanting at all to be unpolite, but nevertheless: what on earth you care about dogs? Dogs are dogs! They do belong to sheep or as a guard and not in cities anyway… so who cares about dogs? Care about children, underprivilegded people, about human beeings… but dogs? Who cares?

Bob Medium says:

Is that 12 pounds each?

kassie zardinejad says:

Love your kind heart spirit regarding dogs. I'm a dog lover myself and it breaks my heart to see animals in general suffer. I wanted to travel to Bangkok with my two Sharpeis but was concerned about their safety and comfort during the plane ride. It would be such a long trip from Los Angeles to Bangkok. Any tips to help with the travel? Thank you.

Jonathan Murphy says:

Having been to Thailand 5 times found Phuket very expensive

Patrick Smith says:

great detailed information. ..I'm over in May for 4 months doing a teaching course in koh sumui. I've heard I can do it all on a tourist visa, I just re do my visa after 60 days (I think ). Is it easy to open a thai bank account?

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