PRIVATE POOL VILLA – Hotel Room Tour! | Phuket Travels 💕

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Hey guys
Welcome back to my channel, as some of you may know I’ve just gotten back from my Phuket trip, and hence here is the first vlog for what we got up to!

Sorry if it’s a little boring, we mostly did just go there for food, sun and relaxing!

Hotel: Anantara Layan Phuket

Massage: Art Massage


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sk8guitardrums says:

Thanks for sharing, i wish i was back there in Thailand to get some winter Sun, its so nice in Phuket and got to love the fresh fruit.
You 2 look very healthy and good channel for fitness & health. i think you also would be awesome at climbing as your both light and good genetics. you don't ever need makeup as natural beauty throughout. do you speak any basic Thai language?

su-ting tan says:

hey susana! if you ever see this comment lol, do you think you're free sometime this or next month? I commented a while back on your video saying that we should meet up and you said that you could!! so if you're free pls let me know bc I'm in hong kong atm! we can chat through insta my username is @sutingtann lol. rlly hope you see this lol but if you do maybe leave a comment that you saw. this and will message me? will delete this comment once u reply ahah ily and I hope to seeee youu

crazy Pikachu crcr says:

Oh, stop the press, who is that?

Tipaluck Krityakierne says:

I think what you had at 13:40 is pomelo. We don't have grapefruits in Thailand 😉


Thx for coming ~
I swapped my phone and i say omg that's my country!!lol

teethinaboxx says:

The fruit was actually pomelo not grapefruit!

Katie Wong says:

Welcome to Thailand 🙂

su-ting tan says:

ty for making my day! i was feeling so down but ty for making me happy again! 😘😘

Lucy T says:

Hun always love ya vids . it looks amazeballs hun , what's the music ya used? Xx

Kim July says:

Yum! Those full people pieces of grapefruit looked heavenly!!😍

Caroline Ong says:

I have been thinking to go for a beach holiday but not into water activities just tanning, good food and massage. This is just came at such a perfect timing!! Thanks for sharing and always looking forward to your uploads!

Sirikarn Chen says:

I subscribed to your channel for a while but this is a big surprise..
Welcome to Thailand 😀😀
Hope u guys have a great time in Thailand and enjoy your vacation :))

su-ting tan says:


Magnetizedtoyou says:

At 5:27 he looked so spooked by the camera lol I couldn´t stop laughing, the place you stayed at seems so nice.
Hope you had a nice flight and trip in general, never been on an airplane so I wouldn´t know really. Love you, Susana xoxo
The pools are sooo nice as well!

Elain Lu says:

hey where are your sunnies from look so good on you ^^

Maxine Chan says:

Just pack me in your suitcase next time please thanks!! 😀

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