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Thank you White Room Night Club for having us, they were extremely hospitable and generous, one of the best clubs we’ve been to. Definitely a must go if you visit Phuket!


Instagram: @whiteroomphuket


Places we visited:
Phi Phi Island
Hong Island
Koh Khai Nai Island
Hanak Island
Phang Na Bay
Patong Beach
White Room Nightclub
Savoey Restaurant

Danyon’s Ig: @danyonchristian


TWITTER: @nicolechoo_ ( )
INSTAGRAM: @nicole.choo ( )

CONTACT: (for business enquiries)


Cindy Novita says:

Whats the music name

kylie quah says:

Hey can u link the songs / put the song names in the description? Hehe

Jamie Banks says:

Kayaking on the water looked so fun! Awesome video Nicole!

Rachel says:

Hi Nicole! Can I know what camera you used to film this vlog?

Low Eunice says:

u don't look like Nicole Choo

JJ's Journey says:

Looks like a lot of fun there! You've given us a bunch of tips for what we can vlog about when we go there in a few weeks, thanks! 😀

OMG Is That Vik? says:

Hey great video and great vlog! After setting off for my world trip recently I’ve also started to vlog, would you mind having a look and giving me your thoughts? Would be awesome 🙂

PhoTheBowlOfNoodles says:

I legit get so exited when my fav youtuber (which is you) uploads another video. 😂

Euphemia Qi says:

Hahahah u guys da best xD ❤️

Can you make a video of the spicy ramen challenge nicyon version with punishment for the one that cannot finish, it will be funny!!

dartV says:

Sub Me Pleaaase

GetLostwithJohnny says:

What a wonderful trip to Thailand. Great footage and nice edited Nicole 🙂

richard kanna says:

great more news from the singlish slut

Exrul Denc says:

This video is so good nicole. With all the background music and all make it so perfect and fun to watch!

Gles Agitok says:

He is so much better for you than ridhwan

Rachel Lim says:

What are the songss!!

none says:

your hair not nice

thinkin bout ari says:

thumbnail is cute

Ng Stella says:

Where did you get your braided? Btw nicole being a goddess as usual 💕🙌🏻😍

Charmain Chua says:

Editing on point

Chim Chiminie says:

This is soo cutee nicole <3

Lena Zhang says:

Went to Phuket a few days before you guys did 😭 wish I could of saw you guys ! From New York.

hyper eudoraa says:

What's the first song I love that song and your vacation videos !

Jamie Chew says:

yall sooo cuteee mein i cannot take ittt omgggg.

Hui Xin says:

damn what are the song tracks nice video btw

xianna sun says:

nicole omg i LOVE your vlogs 💙💙

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