Phuket, Thailand – My Travel Diary, SONY a6500

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这次还是我第一次去 Phuket 呢 那里很适合去放松心情 超多酒吧😂 可是我不喝酒😋

在那里去了两个岛 :
1 – Banana Beach
这里有很多水上活动哦~ 比如有透明划船, Parasailing , Sea Walker , Banana Boat 等等😋

2 – Phi Phi Island
去着 Phi Phi 的途中也顺道去了几个岛
Maya Bay , Loh Samah Bay , Pi-leh Cove , Viking Cave , Monkey Beach , Khai Nok Island , Bamboo Island etc
可惜的是在 Phi Phi不能飞行拍摄 拿不到最美的景呢~~ 所以要拍摄的朋友注意咯🙃 Phi Phi 岛的美真的不是开玩笑 真的真的很美!

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Vikingdescendent says:

Great job! Anyone out there experience a buffer every time they shoot a pic with the a6500? It blocks my view for a couple of seconds. Normal with the a6500? Anyone know how to get rid of it?

Mr. Truthbite says:

relax girl ..just saying.. btw so beautiful

Mr. Truthbite says:

ditch him..marry me girl

Chian 2499 says:

Nice video !! How to make color for this video.


damn. randomly came across this channel. great shots! are you vlogging yourself or someone else shooting?

Amazing Chiang Mai says:

Great editing… love it 🙂


Amazing colors. Do u shoot in slog?

Inquisitve m says:

I guess Sony is paying you for advertising the Sony A6500

Jenny Van Zantvoort says:

This is so niceee, really enjoying it.

Michal Stejskal says:

Awesome edit! 🙂 I love it! 🙂 What lens do you use? 🙂

Jason Wai says:


hangying wang says:


Georgio Buloso says:

hey really awesome video! what are your LUTS and what lens do you use

Andy Hu says:


Fah B says:

Really cool video! Love the music and the color grading🙂

JaXu says:

how do you plan such a multi island trip

Forrest Lee says:

amazing video and editing! You make all the Sony a6500 shooters proud!

Jeromiah Padilla says:

what lens did you use here?

uhing ling says:

nice edit…add sound effect into your video will better. the sound effect when you are underwater @2.07 very nice! by the way, sony a6500 footage really impress me..intend to buy it instead. ∩_∩

Jesus Rivera says:

I love the quality , what lenses where you using and the settings , share please.

Thaimachine Films says:

dont over use transition

Motion Style says:

This is so nice^^

Ilya Sychev says:

Crystal Swung, Very good travel video! I have Sony a6300 a few weeks, and test picture profiles now.
Please give me some information about What setting of Picture profile you are using?

Lukas Preß says:

Smooth shots and edit on point, it looks like you would do this for a long time..But there are just a few videos on your channel…Keep this up and hold your quality..I really like it! I hope you will bring some more videos..Btw the dive video is great too 🙂

Photolab_Germany says:

which lens?

Giorgio Gerardi says:

Amazing video!!! May I know which transitions did you use and which editing application?

Susannah Henning says:

Where are your white shoes from? Love your video! 🙂

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