Phuket Thailand… Cleared to land!

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Cockpit Edelweiss Air Airbus A330 arriving in Phuket Thailand from Zurich Switzerland. DETAILS

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Jack Quah says:

RWY09 clear to land..cheer

Sharon Hopton says:

Just subscribed. I love planes! Great video!

Kitty Cat says:

Good camera angle ! ! !

Boutazzout Samir says:

FD off! Now that's a proper captain. Very well done sir.

Jan Kotze says:

Great video, I can't get enough of JustPlains video's

pan says:

Damn, that captain and FO look really young

pseudo intellectual says:

phuket I'm going to Thailand

Pulkovospotter says:

Very interesting to watch how he operates the sidestick
Spectacular approach, thanks a lot for your work

Andrew Anane says:

Awesome video JustPlanes, amazing landing by pilot too.

Omari Joseph says:

Beautiful landing..the runway is similar to that of the airport in St.Maarten in the caribbean..right on the waters edge..

meandmymouth says:

As a non pilot I find it amazing how as you're coming into land you have to adjust your perception of relative ground speed down from say 500 mph when you're a few thousand feet up down to say 150 mph just as you touch down over such a short period of time. I can't think of any other mode of transport where you have to do this sort of adjustment and where any misjudgement could be so disastrous !

Dalton Notlad says:

Very good video! but boring aircraft

Andreas von T. says:

Thanks for putting in the effort to film this. never get tired of it

Captain Alpha says:

niiiiiiiiice cockpit view

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