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Phuket and area around this island give you lot of things to do.You can visit all beautiful islands Phuket,beaches,going for safari,ride on elephant etc..
Copy and use of my video is forbidden.Jacek

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Jul says:

I will never go and watch how people torture elephants .there is sanctuary in Phuket where you can enjoy time with elephants.NEVER RIDE!

Der durch die Tür geher says:

8:26 Blowjob ?


please check my phuket video..

کاظم کیانی says:

بسیار عالی است استفاده می کنیم بخصوص برنامه علمی و خانوادگی وسایر مطالب

jane moselfrau1 says:

toll james bond Felsen klasse

Davidsbeenhere says:

nice dude! Loved Phuket!! I just released my Things to See and Do in Phuket.. Need to go back right now!

Choi Bruce says:

I was gonna make a joke about this place but phuket

mega fredericia says:

Witch month the weather is good ?

Duong Pham says:

Enjoying phuket via my video

aigredouxx says:

que lugar tan hermoso

Sharonda Parham says:

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Hi, where is this place 0:31 ?

Noza bonu says:

Ozodbek hazapbekow

Harley Lord says:

Thumbs down for the elephant painting, do some research and you'll understand how disgusting the practice is

polifatts says:

Looks way too fucking touristy and crowded.

Markus Krüsban says:


Krystyna Sokolovska says:

viaggiatori ed esploratori visitate per un mi piace la mia paginq

Rebel Heart says:

Nice places and good video , did u use gopro for the video ?

MrRickZ says:

Nice video, but thumbs down for the elephant show- and ride. Didn't you knew that's animal abuse?

galaxy says:

snake show at 7:15, those snake is devenomized?  

one love says:

powiedsz w jakim miesiacu byles????

thaimedicalvacation says:

Hi Where can we find names for the locations on Phuket Island? our visitors would love some of these places.

Jaanus Kahk says:

I am total Thailand fan! Amazing nature, amazing people! The best place in the world. Now and forever.Sa-wat-dee – sorry if something went wrong. But I found my new home!

DJnedKnowledge422 says:

that was great!  love the no fluff approach.  way less pretentious and enjoyable. 

jonnivvvvvvvvvvvv says:

un posto incantevole imbruttito dal turismo di massa…

Evangeline Tan says:

hi im going phuket for a vacation may i know what is the name of places ? that in the video have a place that is shooting gun and the kayaking boat in the rock 

Rock Shit Youtuber says:

Yeah.. Very nice video but why don't you put the names of places

Marie Many says:

Thank you for sharing the video…I can't wait to get there…

ryan wu says:

very good ,helpful ,i am going to there in may

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