PHUKET THAILAND – All good things come to an end.

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These are some of the top things to do in Phuket Thailand! Elephant sanctuaries, temples, $2 Pad Thai, beautiful beaches, incredible dining. This is Thailand. We visited Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Wat Chalong temple, Big Buddha, had cocktails and dinner at Kata Rocks and stayed with Dream Hotel. Thailand series over. Mic drops.

Coming to Thailand? I made a video guide to Thailand for you!
Yesterday’s vlog – $4000 DOLLAR A NIGHT VILLA – 6 star luxury

Thank you to Dream Hotel for hosting us on our stay!

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May, 2016

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Sasha Marceta says:

Hi, I will be going to Thailand Jan 6th from Toronto, can you please help me out and let me know how the drone laws are there. I want to take my drone but I don't think I will be able to register it with Thailand on time. Do you think the Thailand customs will take my drone once I enter, should I be worried about flying it in Thailand?


Leila Evangelista says:

Mango and sticky rice dessert so delicious

namitha roy says:

Keep up the great work

ไอดํา ตูดหมึก says:

This is very cool dude!!
I like it

Max Maples says:

I’m the boy at 2:09

Alice Woodfall says:

Love this video! Thanks so much 🙂

xCherry TV says:


Tiger Mason says:

Did you say 300kg per day? You're probably about 70KG MAX so like 4 of you lol

ChoxxikanPP says:

I'm from Thailand and i've never been in Phuket before but your vlogs about Thailand are amazing like make me want to go there right now. Thank you for showing the world how AMAZING Thailand is!!! so I hope you come back and discover the rest of the Land of Smile again. Welcome to Thailand 😀

Pepper Snow says:

Nice video, great skills. I'm saying this comment with good intentions only: I'm a bit concerned about the footage of the elephant sanctuary. The baby elephants is surrounded by way too many adults in the mud bath. In a confined natural habitat (a sanctuary), he would be under the protection of his nanny. I couldn't see the mother anywhere (breast would be apparent and sticking out to the sides). The first elephant that was filmed next to him couldn't be more than 3-4 years old. You can tell stress levels in elephants by the white of their eyes and this poor elephant was stressed out of his mind. Definitively a great step in the right direction ( no ridding, painting or street begging). But not a sanctuary in my opinion. The sanctuary you mentioned in Chiang Mai is Elephant nature park and this ratio of tourists per elephant would not be possible. The herd would close up around the baby. This is just my opinion based on what I've seen here (so not perfect). I just wanted to give some perspective from an animal lover to another. Keep up the good work and spreading Eco-sensible tourism.

Miaka I-Phone says:

Do you remember the place name that you went to see the elephant.?
Thank you

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