Phuket Street Food: Trying the Thai Street Food at Phuket Weekend Market

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Thai Street Food at the Phuket Weekend Night Market (aka Phuket Night Market, or Naka Market), Phuket Town, Phuket Thailand. NEW THAILAND FOOD AND TRAVEL VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY. Subscribe:

Phuket Weekend Market is on the outskirts of Phuket Town on Chao Fa West Road, not far from Central Festival (about 15 km from Patong). Google Maps coordinates: 7.881118, 98.366263
It’s open Saturday and Sunday nights, from around 4pm till about 10pm and is a great place for shopping and there’s also tons of Thai cuisine and delicious Phuket street food!

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Thai Street Food is really delicious, it’s a must to try if you’re on holidays in Thailand. Thailand food markets are one of the best places to buy fresh and authentic Thai food, or to buy groceries and fruit while you travel in Thailand. There are so many Thai dishes on offer and the foods here are cheap, and so tasty! And in case you’re worried, eating street food is perfectly safe. It’s what the locals eat and it is cooked fresh and sold quickly. I’ve been eating it for 4 years in Thailand and my friends who have been to visit and tour Thailand have all eaten it, and none of us have had any problems. Thai street food is some of the best Thai food you’ll find in Thailand!

The markets in Thailand are a great place to get an insight into Thai culture while you travel in Thailand. You can shop alongside the locals and learn what they buy and eat. And the markets are a great place to try traditional Thai street foods, learn Thai recipes and cooking, as well as eat some of the best Thai dishes in Thailand. You’ll see the people cooking the food right in front of you. And best of all, the food is cheap, often much cheaper than eating in a Thai restaurant. Eating at markets is a good way to eat cheap on your Thailand holidays.
Make sure you check out some Thai Food Markets on your trip to Thailand, and be sure to sample some of the amazing Thai street food that’s available in Thailand! If you want to try some of the most delicious food in the world be sure to visit Thailand!

At the Phuket Weekend Market you’ll find clothes, food, jewelry, crafts, souvenirs, CDs & DVDs, phone accessories, bags, wallets & purses and loads of cooked authentic Thai cuisine including all the regular Thai cuisine, as well as Thai street food and other delicacies including duck, frog and various insects. There’s so much variety, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re on holidays in Phuket. Shopping and Thai street food in Phuket Thailand!

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Krabi is about 2-3 hours from Phuket by land or sea, & has world class accommodation standards comparable to what you find in Phuket hotels and resorts, but in a more relaxed environment.

If you’re looking into Thailand Hotels look into hotels and resorts in Krabi. The Krabi islands & beaches are famous for Thailand holidays, the movie The Beach was filmed on Krabi’s Koh Phi Phi Island.

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Tara M says:

at 4:40 those looked like tomatoes, not sweets. everything is so pretty and made with so much love that I would feel bad to pay so little for it. Do they accept tips in Thailand?

Anne Corey says:

Very nice stalls and lots of food to enjoy love the fruits healthy food lots to eat good stalls love this food very good thank you for sharing your video.

Alexi Myhoney says:


Kevin P says:

When traveling to certain places you hear of for instance, do not eat any fruit that you can not peel because those fruits are washed with the local water. Is that true in Thailand?

Excel Industries says:


Rahul sinha says:

hi im coming to thailand i would love to meet u .plz
plz suggest me some markets in bangkok

Kandy Powell says:

your wife looks absolutely lovely, and omg how much does she love your son !!!!!

Kandy Powell says:

love thailand, love your vids, especially when im hungry lol

Taylor Widjaja says:

Now I feel like retiring early in Thailand. Too bad i still have 15yrs before reaching 45yo. I could just eat all the protein and veggies with no rice or noodles and maintain to stay slim 🙂

6977warrior says:

This 'Fuck It' street market looks good!

Eric says:

great vid, and i hope to some day taste the goods that you showed.
major props for tending to so many of the comments, pal. very rare to see someone go so far out of their way in a show of appreciation. you da man!

Anna Kwan says:

May I know which markets it is ?

Julius44bc says:

Looks like a lot of fun.

mike johnston says:

Huge fan of Thai street food. Great video
Nearly everything is delicious without fail. You can skip desserts though. Baked goods in Thailand are terrible. Just terrible. Low quality flour/margarine and pretty little cakes with margarine & sugar fillings and odd rice flour or corn starch combinations. If you are from the west, you won't be impressed. Banana crepes aka roti is the only dessert I eat. Who needs dessert when there are a million snacks and drinks to try?

the christopher vlogs says:

I appreciate this video. I will be visiting in the beginning of 2017. Thank you so much for the detail information. Looking forward to visiting!!!!

Claudia Erkelingf says:

Good food barbeque stalls Thailand!

Ian Nyagah says:

awesome video Darren.

yorkie strutt says:

great video darren im off out there in a weeks time ,and ive seen some really tasty dishes ,im gonna graze my way thro the market

Lily Mitchell says:

I come from Thailand

Arradin says:

Good videos Darren, makes me more excited to go to Phuket !

K Vang says:

OMG! lol can you get the sauce recipe for the barbecue chicken

NerdyAsianGamer says:

Darren u know u could of made like 200 us dollars from this vid if u promoted ur vid. Just a fyi

MR HGK says:

Hi, great Video, all your video is great 🙂

We are going ti Phuket in januari next year, ower first trip with the kids, 16, 13 and 9 years old. Do you know where we cud find the best/price trip to monkey iland, bond iland, scuba diving trip, Jungel trip, we dont have allot of money but we want to show the best of thailand.

Again, great video, very helpful!
Best regards from Henning

Susan Maddock says:

I would like to ask my husband of 30 years came to visit Thailand about 9 years ago it must be good as he came back every year he married one still married to me had a kid this year been divorced a year now yeah Thailand is great if you want to be husbands good joke

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