Phuket Seafood: The Freshest Seafood in Patong. Banzaan Food Market Phuket Thailand

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Patong Phuket Thailand: The Freshest Seafood in Patong. NEW THAILAND FOOD AND TRAVEL VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY! Subscribe:
Eating Scallops, Shrimp and Crab at Banzaan Food Market Market in Phuket Thailand. Delicious Thai Seafood in Patong Phuket Thailand.

This was a meal my family and I had at Banzan Fresh Food Market in Patong in Phuket Thailand. Banzaan Market is open every day from 7am till 9pm and its Google Maps coordinates are: 7.891280, 98.301534
The market is not far from Junceylon Shopping Mall and the Thai food there is delicious! At this market you can buy the seafood from downstairs and take the food upstairs for the vendors at the Thai restaurants there to cook. The vendors charge different prices per kilogram to cook the food purchased at the market. The meal we had in the video cost 800 baht for cooking and 1,250 baht for the seafood from the market. The restaurant area is clean and comfortable and the staff seem very friendly. And the food we had was delicious!

If you love seafood, Thai food, or food markets in general and you’re in Patong Phuket Thailand, I’d definitely recommend visiting Banzaan Market! Check out my channel for lots more videos of Phuket and Thailand!

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Krabi is about 2-3 hours from Phuket by land or sea, and has world class accommodation standards comparable to what you find in Phuket hotels and resorts, but in a more relaxed environment.

If you’re looking into Thailand Hotels have a look at hotels and resorts in Krabi. The islands and beaches of Krabi are famous for Thailand holidays, the movie The Beach was filmed on Krabi’s Koh Phi Phi Island.

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Matt Gamboa says:

I think you didn't notice the ice in the prawn. The ice add weight when the girl put it in the weighing scale. The prawn is not half kilo. Its less than half kilo.

Azarul_ says:

1:44 Durians look so YUMMMYY!!!

Robert Ratskywatsky says:

First time I've seen your video and now I'm a subscriber. You have good "stage presence". I think you picked the wrong cooks though. Fresh seafood like that should have tasted amazing and not salty and rubbery, over cooked over spiced.

Jet Lee says:

If you travel and worried about spending some money to support.vendors than you shouldn't even travel…

Grapetown Hound says:

That bitch ripped you off.

Cu Tu says:

Could you say "lifestyles of the rich and famous". please.

Jennifer K says:

Das espensive!

peony Roses says:

… Wow… Very interesting plc to visit…. Loving it.. 💕

jersey arc says:


Vey UK says:

maybe fresh but you are charged too much by the old lady

ahc chan says:

Great channel. I have watched a lot of food channels/travel videos. Most of them just filled with stupid loud music with not much info. I find your channel super informative . I like the way you explain most things you see and how you feel about it. Truly enjoy your video mate, keep up the good work!

Mumzly04 says:


mlopes87 says:

2:08 she is soo pretty!

marvel Tune says:

that is little Mark Wiens with his parents.

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