Phuket Patong Nightlife | Angel Really Do Exist !!!

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This street is mostly tourists. It’s a perfect place for people watching, you could literally sit there for hours, and then go down to the beach for some cool breeze. The bars and clubs give a good mix of music. The drinks are cheap. People are friendly. However there is a crude underlying motive and it can get quite unhealthy. It’s OK for an experience but not a daily venture.

Thank you all for watching my channel. I hope to continue posting better videos and improve the channel with better contents and give values to the people.

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Casey Popmusic says:

I went out with one girl from pum pui bar without barfine because I was bored. I am not happy when In the room I saw her hairy legs and never want to see her again even when she was so sad. I prefer China girls, more prettier, taller and more original.

D J says:

Dresses were good I saw them wearing better one's in another video a while back my jaw nearly dropped lol.

Sin In Dark says:

(16:52) That dancer has been is few videos on Youtube. She has darker hair in other videos. Such a pretty woman.

Pedro Oliveira says:

olá, mano, compra uma câmera melhor…

SengueDreams says:

God, when you get to a age and your like, ah it's to loud. I want to drink in a quiet bar damnit.

XXX L says:

do they make a profit? wow so many girls, what is the minimum wage?

Brian Tones says:

13.40, they are not wearing dresses they are wearing skirts. big difference..

Brian Tones says:

Once again girls on bar tops trying to imitate something that looks dancing….

Thomas Cott says:

They are all cute but SKINNY

Ralph Picc says:

Hi I need advice phucket or Pattaya? Which one has less people and more girls?

John Sturtz says:

whats the name of this bar?

morela mike says:

How much to book this girl out?

Richard Longmore says:

Every time I see a chaing beer I get bad flashback of a night I'm trying to forget

Flav says:

Listen about the russian one ! i do confirm they're so bad, we went with a friend just for a drink ! one coca is 400 THB ! and 2 girls beg us for a drink and we refused then they kicked us out directly with bad words !

ElvislaD says:

Wtf would you go 3000 miles for a shag? sad as fuck

Mercenary Mike says:

I have the Hard Rock stuff from Bangkok and Pattaya,  now I know where I am going for vacation — Phu Ket

James Mayo says:

Music great, girls better, video fantastic, 👍👍👍

Merlot Chardonnay says:

*I'm so glad I was born and raised in Singapore, the greatest Asian country. Thailand is a cesspool of diseases and scums. Yuck!*

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