Phuket Patong Hotels Restaurants – PLus A PEEK inside Tiger Discotheque Night Club with Girls

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0:00 Patong Beach, Phuket
0.25 3Spices Thai Restaurants in Thawewong Road
1:03 Thara Patong Beach Resort $70
1:44 BearPacker Patong Hostel $20
2:22 Surf House Patong
3:57 Tiger Bar, Patong
4:07 A peek inside Tiger Disco/Discotheque Night Club bar
5:06 Continue on Beach road, Patong
5:14 A good Kebab shop
5:31 Continue on Bangla Road Walking Street
6:02 Starbucks at Patong Beach
6:07 Kangaroo Bar
6:34 Rugby Match Live Sports on TV at Aussie Bar Patong
7:03 Scooter’s Bar Happy Hour All beer 80b
7:20 Smiley bar. Good Live Music Band at night
7:38 BB Gun Shooting at Bangla Rd Patong
7:44 Soi Sea Dragon Patong
8:00 Suzy Wongs 2 – Devils Playground Soi Sea Dragon Bangla Rd
8:18 Diablo Agogo Soi Sea Dragon Bangla Rd
8:43 KFC Bangla Rd Patong
8:51 Game Space
9:02 Burger King Bangla Rd Patong
9:16 Illuzion Club & Discotheque Phuket
9:42 Tiger Night Club
9:51 Bangla Night Market Food Tour
12:15 Oscar Live Sports Bar Happy Hour 20% off all beers
13:35 Restaurant Number 6, Good Cheap Thai Food
15:26 7-eleven shopping

Thank you all for watching my channel. I hope to continue posting better videos and improve the channel with better contents and give values to the people.

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Mista Boombox says:

hows the weather been past this week ? ill be coming down this weekend

RE VS says:

Excellent videos, Thank you

Kennie MusicLovers says:

Music = ? please thanks!

Seb A says:


greatheart52 says:

Nice video. I also like the part about Rugby. I was never a Rugby fan until I met a guy who was a Rugby player. The guy was massive and while talking, he said that if after the game you are not bleeding or break something, then you are not playing. And after the game, the 2 teams get together and share a kegger.

david arwen says:

Hi.. Thanks for your videos. Great job, however i have noticed you have changed your style of recording. Less passionated, especially this video is like every shoot needed to be fast. Result is a lot of fast movement with the camera, without capture the essentials. To be honest i got a bit dizzy watching it. Same reason i unsubscribe other channels such as cheap charlie. Beside using photo/video material of others need a better editing to merge into your video to make a unity, because the difference is too big between their style and your own style. Create your own style, do what others don't do, be different thats the way to be succesful.. Anyway, its my opinion only, lol.. Have fun there..

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