Phuket Patong Beach in Reality… SURPRISE!!!

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Patong Beach Phuket in 2017 what to expect. The beach is actually quite peaceful and relax. Cool breeze in the rainy months. People jog and stroll along the beach. Upper part of the beach was a little messy with rubbish all around. I hope authority will do something about it. There are some decent budget and mid range hotels situated along the beachfront. I was lucky to stumble this guy setting up his windsurf gears and gone for windsurf in the sea that was so cool. Parasailing was among the most popular water sports in Patong beach. 1500b in the middle, you walk down south you will find some offer you 1200b only save 300b cool huh. There’s lot more going on in the video. Hope you enjoy it.

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Aaron Thomas says:

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Bob Doubter says:

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polarisman says:

nice vid again!

Lex Nuss says:

Take heart. Most beaches in proximity to shipping lanes have trash at the tide line. I used to live in SOCAL. Even found a deflated inflatable girl once. I left it where it was.

Kennie MusicLovers says:

…rainy season = less tourists , less night vibrancy….NO SANUK !

Marc Bb says:

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The Good Life says:

just watched the parasailing video. That was crazy! Very sad…Im not doing parasailing, thats for sure!

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