Phuket Nightlife Shopping at BigC Supermarket | Travel Living Thailand 2017

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BigC Supermarket is the place you will visit if you stay in Thailand for a longer time. It has got everything you need from groceries to ready-to-eat meal. I love shopping in BigC. I usually come here for my groceries and some cooked meal and i’m done for the day. The salad bar in BigC was good. I come for their salad most of the time. They have fresh fruit juice too. Or you can request them to freshly make the juice from the fruits for you. Cool huh.. Phuket nightlife is vibrant. You can see people from all parts of the world. If you love to party there’s some decent dance clubs in Bangla Rd. Illuzion is the best in my opinion. White room was good too. If you just want some live music. There’s plenty along Bangla Walking street. You can even request songs in some places. I hope you enjoy this video.

Thank you all for watching my channel. I hope to continue posting better videos and improve the channel with better contents and giving back to the people.

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سيف س says:

+9647711853584 واتساب فايبر للبنات فقط

Marc Bb says:

The prices there are not that different from the US. Maybe even higher sometimes…and if you consider what you are paying to sit in a bar and be harassed by the girls and have to pay like $8 or higher for a beer it's a bit expensive even more expensive the in the US. The only really attraction there are the girls(sluts, prostitutes that only in Thailand are called LADIES) that are very young and that accept go to bed with anybody for the money they charge as any older prostitutes do in other parts of the world. And, as another guy said bellow: when you put a picture of a hot girl in the bait, try to put some of those in the clip….otherwise you may not be very liked.

Sobhy Ahmed says:

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Victror V says:

10:55 LIKE, but should be separate from nightlife videos …

martin andersen says:

hej det er martin far dk og buter talle så går op suber skr håber du for stå vad skiver jeg skiver som lort jeg er or blen unskyd

Andy Levinx says:

you mentioned you got $5 hostel /night ? may i know the name ? i'm planning to bring my colleagues to have some fun in phuket xD , thx

Paul Boehm says:

Would much rather watch the dancing girls than the shopping channel.

MrZola1234 says:

More girls in the videos. Speaking of girls. Oscars has good talent in several videos I have seen on youtube. Are all the girls on the stages available for take out, or just cayote dancers??

Brad Hamilton says:

Standing outside for a free show?? you PERV!!! But Pervy aside…love the girl in the black short shorts an pink tanker!!

Teemosuo says:

All snacks in 7-11 are delicious

Blair Stan Sinclair says:

nice tits on that bag of chips and that sausage was well hung !! But,where are the bargirls ?

vincentvega123 says:

I'm going to Phuket tomorrow, nah Phuket.

eric thefathead says:

what's the name of the club with the pole dancer you show in this video?

bailey9r says:

Now that is too funny when the video poster calls it "click bait"!

Nico Weber says:

Darnass greet i really please it deeppy hard xD

Mike Woods says:

You put a Thai Hottie as headline to your video and she isn't even in it. "Fake News"

multidimensionalman says:

so all they sell is garbage crap. . wtf

Ali Boga says:

rising star of thai themed video world!! just two wishes : you should go to Pattaya soon and just little more interaction with girls..

vgshwk says:

My favorite lays in Asia was the Swiss cheese you can’t get in USA.

vgshwk says:

Why would coconut oil need to be refrigerated are you sure this isn’t coconut water?

James W says:

Love the shopping vids especially the Big C , informative for those who plan to stay a lengthly time in Phuket or anywhere in Thailand.

Yukio Neo says:

more shopping , show us the sushi aswell please 🙂

Sen. Bob Menendez says:

You can't find anything to do? In a resort town…

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