Phuket Night Scenes – Patong Night Walk – 2016

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Phuket Night Scenes – Patong Night Walk – Thailand 2016

An evening night walk from near Nanai Road to the PS. Hotel and restaurant around 8,30pm at Patong.

Parts of this video include:

0:07 A map of the route taken
1:00 Tiger Hotel Complex
2:31 Turning onto Soi Sansabai
7:21 Crazy Motorbike parking situation
9:08 Top of Bangla Road
10:05 Tai Pan Nightclub before opening

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ronald wagner says:

The worst thing I hate about Thailand is every bar has some BS euro soccer match on the the TV screen..

EQ Son says:

i didnt know there are alot of Farangs in Thailand

Alex F says:

ton of foreigners, jez

MO5E5 T.YILMAZ says:

yes i agree phuket getting expensive for everything, specially food,transport and drinks

Lady pilliwick says:

I really enjoyed your walks down the crowded streets….very nice video

uncokee says:

my first time i stayed in patong in 2010 was on that very street, didn't know anything about the area, but i felt we got lucky cause of the street market, and the mall being so close, and not too bad of a walk to bangla. been back once april 2016 and the place we stayed at no longer is there unfortunately.

atheer alshimmary says:

which is the better place phuket or pattyia.

kopytek36 says:

Tourism has got to be the #1 source of income for the majority of businesses there. So many tourists. Probably year round too if it stays warm there. Another great video. Thanks.

billywilliams williams says:

I used to stay in the orchid hotel on soi  sansabai  every year for quite a few years up until about 7 years ago great little hotel but I didn't see it in this clip seems its not there anymore

Michael Robert says:

Hottie alert @10:34 in the red dress

Claudia Erkelingf says:

Bangkok good night life.

RetiCooL says:

God i miss that place.

Jerry M says:

"Market stalls are blocking the entire pavement." How dare this third world savages scrape up enough money to eat and survive. They have inconvenienced us westerners, and must be tried and executed.

eagle team says:

why doesn't anyone video, a clean part of town ? clean water ?, a great view ?, is thyland just a dirty bar to rent hookers ? , creepy. ….

TheTurk56523 says:

P.S. Hotel. Been there. Done that.

puppup zera says:

id like to fuck the girl at the end on the pole

이성철 says:

anyone know the name of song  2:00 ?? plz let me know

Marco Aurélio Lavalle says:

I travel in your video without leaving home and wonderful

Mike Davis says:

People watching is fun. Interesting vlog, nice thumbnail lol

Abigail Sockeye says:

Fuck it. I'm going to Phuket.

Kush4tia says:

4:53  Would you tell me the title of this drum tune?

Azzurro87 says:

whay in every tv display there's a soccer match ?

fadi yako says:

how much room for rent in hotel per day per month or unit per month please any one can tell me

Savaş Korkmaz says:

Türkler 06:10 "Hoşgeldiniz :)"

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