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Seduction Club was rather disappointing. I was there at 1am on Friday night. There’s no people at all except some working girls. I made a mistake by staying there for an hour even though the promoter told me i can choose to leave if i want to. I saw a singaporean guy there too. He bought the 500b drink all you can wrist band and he had like 10 drinks and left. I would say the sound system was not as good as illuzion. The space was little cramped full of chairs and tables and sofas. Earlier the night i was at banzaan night market. I had dinner and walked around the area. There are many souvenir shops. I saw chinese tourists were bulk buying these cosmetic products called “Snail White”. Its a duty free shop. As i kept walking down south i realised a lot chinese restaurants mushrooming around the area just about 50metre south of junceylon shopping mall. Its turning into a little china. The road leaded me to Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters bar. Then i ended up at Bangle Road. The most happening street in all of Phuket. I hope you enjoy this video.

Thank you all for watching my channel. I hope to continue posting better videos and improve the channel with better contents and give values to the people.

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Rihan Al Biruni says:

I hate this kind of music, but thaï and chinese one are so beautiful
Toilets are clean, like all these resorts… No tags or bad writings on the walls.
At 10: so beautiful girls without customer. Why men are so shy?

Mullava K says:

Last weak I was in Pattaya and Bangkok Nana Plaza. I am a Bahraini and one my friend from India were visited there.
But unfortunately we couldn't able to enjoy the inner bar life. The security guys and the girls which is standing near the doors, are kicking out because of my friend is an Indian citizen. So we took the girls from the hotel and enjoyed as much as we can. Now i have to tell you the indian people to care about this before you are planning to visit in Thailand.

When we were there on 2015 we didn't have any problem to enter and enjoying the inner bar life. We entered all the bars pubs and nude clubs on this time. No one restricted us. Now we dont know what happned there?

They are not interested to enjoy with Indians and some of them with Arabs. Actually we don't understand the reason of the problem. Do any one have any idea of this reason?

I expect you the reply…….

Thanking you


James W says:

Tho Phuket is a beautiful resort town , its become too westernized, you can see the town dying off like club seduction lol. Its lost its Thai flavor , its the Florida of the USA good only for spring break , and retirement for the rich and slowly die with the town.

Q8 Fly says:

Isn't central festival a bigger mall?

vgshwk says:

Rap and then Muslim music is not what I would listen to.

Jacob says:

More video from Bar funk3 girls there look nice!!!

genghis says:

thats the paypay address right?

genghis says:

those are skin whiteners, asians love their white skin

genghis says:

i will buy you a beer this weekend , remind me

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