Phuket Hotel in the BEST LOCATION??? [Girl friendly!!!]

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Does this Phuket Hotel have the BEST LOCATION??? [Girl friendly!!!]

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Summer Breeze hotel in Patong is a very good option with rooms from around 1000-1600 baht ($30-50) depending on the season. This is a video from when I stayed there and it documents the room, the facilities and the surrounding area.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Outside the hotel and map location
0:26 Superior King Bed Room, 26 sq m
3:32 Bathroom
4:44 Further info about the room & hotel
6:10 Views from the hotel room
8:18 Outro

Additional notes:

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The good, the bad and the ugly:

The good:
Guest friendly, no fees to bring back a lady
Amazing location for the Patong nightlife
Nice clean room, everything was in full working order
The beach was a 6 minute walk away which is good for Patong
Comfy bed
American owner, good to know if there are any issues
Excellent service from the staff

Bad things:
No swimming pool
No fitness centre
Older, guesthouse feel to the rooms – could put some people off
No lift – the upper floors are definitely not for people with mobility issues

The Ugly:
Artex walls, haven’t seen that for a long time 🙂


I liked Summer Breeze hotel, and I’d stay again as it is a good choice in central Patong. I particularly liked being so close to Bangla Road, with many bars and restaurants being just a couple of minutes walk away. This hotel reminded me of staying in the nearby Adonis Guesthouse (video review:

The caveat about staying at Summer Breeze is that there is no lift, swimming pool or fitness centre. So be aware of these things when booking as they might be deal breakers for some people…

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Thanks for watching and have a great day!

IKnowYouKnow says:

Hotel reviews are all well and good but smut reigns supreme in your space. Hope to see more of that from you soon. Daytime scenes videos are good too. You have an eye for beautiful women.

Ge Be says:


Allen Thompson says:

Do women in Thailand like Black men,I was in the Navy in the early 1980,s and never had a problem.But somehow I think time have changed.

Doug Mo says:

Hey Bro , Doug here . Can I have the Password for the information please

Fred Hixon says:

I stayed at the Yorkshire on Soi Sansabai in September 2017. This video brought back good memories. They have a nice pool and a good restaurant at the Yorkshire. They also have apartment studios.

castortroy365 says:

Thanks for the lift info…..I have mobility issues…..after my 12th Chang😂

Gordon French says:

It's a pity they didn't have those small pillows on top of the big pillows. I was hoping to see some pillow throwing 🙂

Sonny Jim in Thailand says:

I think it had a nice homely vibe to it. Pillows looked a bit flat. Why the point deduction for shower curtain? You prefer screen?

robert vandetty says:

love your vids! although due to your dislike for shower curtains I will have to deduct some pointage

ross kelly says:

Prices don't seem great to me. Especially with the dollar/baht exchange rate lately.

David Yeend says:

I always look forward to the coat hanger bash 😅

Raymond 38 says:

It's during the High season, ok, that can explain the price. Because for approximately 42$, an hotel in Patong with no swimming pool, and no gym, for me it's a littre expensive. I compare with The Gig hotel or the Lantern not far away. The room seems clean, as you show us, but everything seems a little bit old. But as you have written, it's during high season.

rehtas fort says:

Room furniture is very old, not worth staying in with $43


spoil that lovely towel display

Acruz2 says:

Not bad place but you’ve showed us better for less and guest friendly

chandler bing bong says:

4:20 that fan has no bug screen, so it looks like a good entry point for mozzies. I wouldn't stay there simply on that basis.

Doug Mo says:

Great informative video Bro

mrmongo673 says:

loved ur day/night transitions!

easymoneynch says:

One thing that I always do at any hotel is put the remote control in a plastic sandwich bag before I use it. No telling where the previous guest hands had been. And I usually look under the bed.

Brummie Brink says:

Bangkok 112, IS it not very noisy at night. So you cant sleep beforen 4 ore 5 oçlock in the morning?

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