Phuket Airport Spotting, Mai Koa Beach, Thailand

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This video was filmed and edited on November, 29th 2016 at Phuket International Airport.


Bo Nooraa KSA says:

Lately they have put a higher fence so people now cannot enjoy watching the runway from ground level like before.. (SAD)

Francis Inghels says:

Mai Khao….

Paul Brose says:

Why did most aircraft go to Bangkok like big 747's and stuff if its like an hour away

Aditya Badami says:

beautiful beautiful

Ladawan Nantabut says:

very pretty

MRU Spotter says:

Much like The Andaman Islands..wonder y they are part of India than being close to thailand.

1HarryH says:

Very nice video and thumbs up my friend!

Roberto Segovia says:

Oriental saint marteen

Boripat Wannasri says:


Алексей Костров says:

Why I stand in front of the sun?

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