Phuket 2017 VLOG

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I’ve been to Bali several times, but never to Phuket.

So I’m glad I’ve finally been there thanks to Hotel IKON Phuket’s kind invitation. Check out their awesome boutique hotel on their site here & follow them on Instagram @IKONphuket.

We had a lovely stay and it was very easy getting around since all tuk-tuk (taxi) drivers knew where Hotel IKON is.

List of activities we did at Banana Beach @bananabeachphuket
– snorkeling
– sea walker
– banana boat
– treetop zip line
– kayaking

They offer a lot of other stuff too! Like parasailing etc.

Blue bikini from

The video was taken using GoPro Hero 4. Courtesy of @rentsomethingleh 🙂

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ZX10R ZX10R says:

whos the bleached fruit cake? I thought you were lesbians.

Amir Khan says:

Bleaches her hair and face to look white. These chingie looking spoilt brats

Angelika says:

loved the music!

ID Streak says:

hi all , visit my channel for the phuket video as well ! 🙂

Duet Chu says:

Perfect Editing!! Both of u and ur bf are so stunning! 😻😻 it's the first time to watch you lovely couples and your natural charm made me subscribe at once!❤️

Pak Guru says:

jelas kenthu

Kima Xeo says:

confirmed you are flat boob ;D

Opps Gitu says:

Hiii , What camera you use for recording all of this ?

Milgram07 says:

When I muted the sound, I thought I was watching a Korean couple having a good time in Phuket 🙂

Kryshan Sahagun says:

love the video (and the song choice) ! 🙂

YOLO TV says:

didnt know singaporean can vlog this well hahaha good job though

zhouy yee says:

More vlogs please !! Its so nice to see how you dress for holidays and where do you go and what you do! You guys are so cute ! Especially that zip lining part 🙈

Dan Surprise says:

Nice travel Vlog, hope to see more 🙂

Crystal Blue says:

Beautiful Beach Scenes!

Nurul Asyiqin says:

nice vlog!!! n ur sooo pretty 🙂

Jihye Moon says:

Hi Eunice! Could you do more make up videos please <3

shermaine yap says:

where did u get the denim jacket from? its so nice!!

TDK Legend says:

fly hanuman! right? wait flying hanuman


This was really cute to watch! Do more travel vlogs 🙂

wawagodzilla says:

TOO SHORT LEHH. But the choice of the music is really good

Gypsy Barbie says:

please do a hair tutorial of your braids😍😍😍

Gypsy Barbie says:

always slay day babe 😍😍❤❤

Kate Chavez says:

This is awesome💜

Dania Zakaria says:

awhh how can u always be pretty my bae! love u eunicebaby💋♥

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