Pattaya Walking Street – September 2017

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Pattaya Walking Street – September 2017

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A walk up Walking Street in Pattaya starting at 11pm on an evening in September 2017. Many bars and businesses have changed from previous visits, some of these are documented in this video.

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Walking Street start
0:32 Thai Country Rock music venue
1:02 Tourist Police checkpoint
1:48 Rock Street Live music bar (rebuilt after being destroyed by a fire)
2:17 Skyfall bar (thumbnail)
3:04 Taboo bar
4:11 Bliss bar
4:26 Mandarin bar
5:22 Miami Night Club, formerly AlcatraZ Agogo
5:34 Anabelle’s, formerly G-Spot Agogo
6:12 Fahrenheit bar
6:42 Soi 15 gogo bar alley
7:43 Virgins Gentleman’s Club, has Eastern European women but is expensive
8:43 Diamond Arcade
9:13 Play Girl upstairs bar, ping pong shows
10:35 Lucifer Disco and Muzzik cafe going strong
11:20 Tantra bar *New*
12:06 Living Dolls 1 closed down
12:42 Baccara Agogo
13:25 Wildcats Agogo
15:00 All quiet at the JP freelancer bar
15:42 Peppermint Agogo
16:58 African freelancer bar
18:54 ibar and insomnia
19:34 Hot Tuna rock bar
20:44 Endorphin Club
21:04 Simon Beer Bar complex
21:19 Outro from Pattaya Beach

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Spawn 1960 says:

I know this is a rather mundane comment, but the "power grid" never ceases to amaze / scare the crap out of me. That and all the cameras hiding in the wires. Thank yo u for posting and God Bless from Florida.

الطيب الشيخ says:

نفسى اروح بانكوك

Darry says:

17.35 the guy with the striped shorts on looks like an extra from a 1980s Porno film LMAO….

Raquel Morales says:

Prostitution at it's best..and no casino, unsociable.. ghettoooo

lewis Whitman says:

Great video. I am heading to Pattaya on vacation in 7 days and I am very excited.

Francis Meloski says:

I love the sexy girls but feel sorry for them at the same Time I want to hug them.

Nascar Fan says:

can anybody tell me what the heck is a "ping pong" bar?

CharleM says:

so much more fun in east asia than northern america

Heimo Korhonen says:

Hyvä loma paikka ! Tämä pattaya eli pattijoki !

Mullava K says:

some one like "Simple Filemaker" don't know the value of India and Indians.
That's what he is judging stupidity….
Leave it.

imhereAbenatsumi says:

you forgot to point out 1:27 – 2 putos –

DJ HiNRG says:

@19:19 I would tear that UP!

Mullava K says:

Last weak I was in Pattaya and Bangkok Nana Plaza. I am a Bahraini and one my friend from India were visited there.
But unfortunately we couldn't able to enjoy the inner bar life. The security guys and the girls which is standing near the doors, are kicking out because of my friend is an Indian citizen. So we took the girls from the hotel and enjoyed as much as we can. Now i have to tell you the indian people to care about this before you are planning to visit in Thailand.

When we were there on 2015 we didn't have any problem to enter and enjoying the inner bar life. We entered all the bars pubs and nude clubs on this time. No one restricted us. Now we dont know what happned there?

They are not interested to enjoy with Indians and some of them with Arabs. Actually we don't understand the reason of the problem. Do any one have any idea of this reason?

I expect you the reply…….

Thanking you


francorama says:

are the door ladies doing the bar promos available for take out?

Top Dog says:

There is something wrong when the ladyboys are better looking than the females>D

Boris Bevan says:

Black dress, I'm thinking ladyboy, by the walk.
I'm heading to Pattaya for new year's. Any tips on best area. Was thinking Walking Street?

D. Hayes says:

BTW, how long is this street?

Akhilarhaan Tandon says:

Always loved your videos do get stuff about Tony's Indian club 👌👍👍

Cactus Pete says:

If casinos come into walking street, say goodbye to the charm. It will just be another Las Vegas Fremont street look alike. Before you know it, a zipline will be running down the middle of it. That's how corporate mentalities come into a place and ruin it with stale, make a quick buck gimmicks.

Nico Weber says:

Simple line mind cuwneo bedroom inform nuclear unlike regarding.

Swaggerlot says:

I reckon the guy in the rainbow shorts was hoping for an African LB!

Swaggerlot says:

No E in lightning. Its not a diet 5555

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