Pattaya, Walking Street on New Years Eve 2018

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Pattaya, Walking Street on New Years Eve 2018 – Vlog 212

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A video showing part of a night out on New Years Eve in Pattaya, Thailand. After spending last years new years eve party in Bangkok I decided to head down to Pattaya for the night. It was extra busy due to regular Thai people attending the free Thai music concerts at Bali Hai Pier.

Parts of this video include:

0:04 My whole night preview
3:38 Arriving at Walking Street by mototaxi at 11pm
3:48 Passing under the famous Walking Street sign on the busiest night of the year
5:10 Passing by the tourist police checkpoint
5:54 Red Car nightclub
6:23 Bliss Agogo
6:58 Skyfall Agogo
7:46 Simon Beer bar complex 1
9:06 King Cafe and the famous ‘bad guys go to Pattaya’ sign
9:54 808 hip hop club
10:20 Iron Club Agogo
12:16 Glass House Agogo
12:30 Lucifer Disco
14:23 Baccara Agogo
14:44 XO Club Russian lady having fun spraying everyone with fake snow
16:47 Pier Disco coyote dancers on podiums
19:18 African freelancer bar
20:30 ibar and insomnia – so busy
20:52 Hot Tuna rock bar
21:51 Simon Beer bar complex 2
23:05 Outro

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Happy New Year to all Bkk112 viewers! Wishing you all a prosperous 2018! 🙂

Faris Ali says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️ life’s beautiful pattay

Computerwerks1 says:

Love your Channel Man, So happy you made a NY 2018…I was gonna go but had other plans. Thanks for making me feel like I was there. Love Thailand on New Years. Best party in the world !! Great job on your Vids as always Cheers

kevin johnson says:

How hard is it to take a "promo" home? I know many don't have the number tags on them.

Денис Е says:


profchaos9001 says:

19:32 LB for sure, did you hear "her" voice?

CB7ism says:

Show more hot girls pleaze.

Burzin Sidhwa says:

The montages you make are really really superb. Just sets the tone for the remaining part of the video.

JIMMIE C says:

don't like fake boobs, I'm a natural lover

JIMMIE C says:

Lots of Americans there

JIMMIE C says:

Didn't think Thai or Asian had big asses

MrGiovanniwow says:

Fake or not the girl with the number 8 on her shirt is hot

Wilco says:

4 March i there for 18 day,s , then not so busy as with Christmas.

A RaysFan says:

Nice video but I would never visit for NYE. I like low season. Only go to Pattaya to Eat, Sleep and Fornicate 555

Zogi Gurung says:

It's in Phuket … not pattaya

Billy Tam says:

Lady boy is looking better than real gals lol 😂

Fizzicist says:

Check out Ted Danson living it up on the left at 18:00

Juan Amaya says:

Greertings and happy new yr from colombia mate…did u have the chance to get any Xmas shots?

castortroy365 says:

Nice one 112, you really captured the night, great build up and now the cliffhanger 😊👍 top stuff mate. Off to watch the Patreon vid now 😊

Bradimus1981 says:

How was the competition to get the better looking women that night?

tupac says:

You can't go to any island whitout seeing a bunch of racist white people ,go back to your caves in Europe.

HallivanGalli ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Nice song at the beginning…good choice.

stylz1 says:

Seeing how everyone is pointing out their favorite lady… @22:43 You already know.

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