Pattaya Walking Street Nightlife Guide 2018

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Pattaya Walking Street Nightlife Guide 2018


Wail fmh11 says:

Every video from Gabe is an adventure worth seeing love your videos Gabe and Pattaya seems like a beautiful place your lucky to be there and see it with your eyes great video Gabe 👍🏻🙂

G T says:

9:19 the bouncers had their experiences with Indien men, dont want them in.

Brummie Brink says:

great video, good work

Dave Murray says:

Girls that are on outside, dance inside also or bait and switch

Thiago says:

Could you show us how is inside this places?

Parrales Fernandez says:

There was a collision between the two cars but no one was hurt.

johnp4000 says:

I have been to Nui's 2 club a few months ago, it is a small bar, prices were ok for walking street, the girls were perhaps late 20's, early 30's but not pushy for drinks

Victror V says:

thank you, it was good info, am still stuck. When i just come in the first time to Pattaya which club do you recommend i visit?

gama180970 says:

Buen video, muy informativo.

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