Pattaya Walking Street Night Out – May 2015 – VLOG 6

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Pattaya Walking Street Night Out – May 2015 – VLOG 6

A VLOG of a night out in Walking Street, Pattaya. Clips are from many different bars and clubs, in chronological order of how the night progressed.

A late night trip by bus from Bangkok to Pattaya and back (119 baht). Stopped at Soi 8 (motorbike taxi 50 baht) first for a few cold ones but it was quiet and not much going on. Then on to Walking street by baht bus. Bounced around the bars and clubs of Walking Street all night.

Filmed in May 2015. Clips are all in chronological order. Normally I have a couple of drinks max in any establishment and then move on. The club with the pool table near the end is Marine Disco.

Skyfall agogo was closed for a month by the police because the security had been too rough ejecting a customer. The guy’s head was split open on leaving! Click for a full video of the insomnia girl who collapsed at 6:00.

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Mike Vincent says:

girl at 6:33 who casually walks by, wow!!

Mike Vincent says:

girl at 5:48 with black heels and blue shorts, wow!!

remy garde says:

where is the sit at 5:30? very good song and nice club , i like.

kpb96m1 says:

Some of these LadyBoys are hard to distinguish from cute girls. 2:45 Its amazing how much work they put into becoming a woman. I love watching straight men chat up LadyBoys. Its like everyone's in on the secret and nobodies blowing her cover. LOVE IT!!

Marco Weber says:

Jesus the way and the truth.One prayer away from you.Forgiveness-Eternal Life-Jesus.The best what happens in my Life.

habib soufi says:

fuck my life;i wanna go there!

johnsampson03 says:

you're 60, on your own for a long time, 300 lbs and haven't had a shag for 10+ plus years, that;s the place to go for a few weeks and not have to worry about what you bring home. Everyone else stay well away. Must be a list as long as your are on thievery, scams and std's of all kinds.

stylz1 says:

Wow, looks like whatever month this is, is the month to be there.

Alex Laies says:

is there any chance i can fuck a girl there and not pay? from all the comment i understand that pattaya is a place where every service comes with a price. you can find bitches in eastern europe for 25 euro. i tought thailand is cheaper!

Matabang Princesa says:

This entire video just made me sad for all the woman/men

Ken Mam says:

Lots of perverted white guys there

Brent Arnold says:

Glad I don't live there I would be broke!  ; )

Aira Gals says:

I really miss those days. Unforgettable how happy I am when I walk there. Observing and learning 🤗

Lewis Michael says:

A few lady boys here and there, but nothing unusual.

Barbara Zayac says:

I have been there, it is a hoot and I am a woman all in fun.

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